Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Positive Talk Radio Review: Radio Network

by James Bean

In a crazy, stressed out over-caffeinated world of broadcasting where all-too-often creativity is stifled and actually sometimes even punished, there is a unique radio network called HealthyLife.Net with impressive demographics, generating web-traffic, streaming audio and much enthusiasm these days, featuring programming with a positive Vision for the world --- the way radio should be and can be.

Launched September 1st, 2002,  --- The Positive Radio Network, was founded by Linda Mackenzie. is a 24 hour a day holistic network based in Manhattan Beach, California featuring all-positive and healthy talk shows by a variety of hosts including: Guy Finley, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Jonathan Goldman, and programs on: holistic health, wellness, sports, fitness, diet, peace, the environment, spirituality (including 'Spiritual Awakening Radio'),  self-empowerment, inspiration, motivation, relationships, family/children's/women and men 's issues, psychology, new thought, awareness, meditation, news, music and numerous call-in shows featuring well-known guests and authors.

The advent of in a very real sense represents a turning-point in broadcasting, and you could say, the "legalization", so to speak in our media-culture, of spirituality as a subject worthy of coverage and discussion on the airwaves in a serious sort of way. For many, is the fulfillment of a Vision for a more meaningful, constructive right-use of broadcasting, a yearning by many for a very long time, filling a real void in our media wasteland ........ that missing holistic channel we've been searching for. We have scores of other kinds of radio and media --- why not a channel for spirituality and well-being!!?

From the Mission Statement of HealthyLife.Net

"To utilize radio to encourage a positive world community towards positive thought and action, elimination of fear and the concept that we are all one here for the greater good of all.

"WHO & WHY WE ARE:  --- The Positive Radio Network is dedicated to enhancing Positive Health & Spirit! Everyone can use a little more positive energy in their lives and we believe POSITIVE programming helps point the way to a healthier, happier life and a better planet. All positive emotion and positive action comes from positive thought. Positive thought is the most powerful tool we have to create the reality that we want. Most media outlets provide fear-based, sensationalized programs that constantly assault us (consciously and subconsciously) with negativity..... To our best ability we promise .... ALL POSITIVE PROGRAMMING that can help your life, make you feel good and encourages our world to be a more positive place.

Monday, July 20, 2015

More HealthyLife.Net All Natural Health and Fitness Hosts

Listen to these wonderful and informative All Natural Health & Fitness Radio Hosts

Steve Monkiewicz   REAL HEALTH   Wed. 12pm PT
Get more control over your health and life with cutting edge info and riveting guests that motivate and stimulate interest in art/science of real health and wellness. Steve is a 42+ broadcast veteran who became a Doctor of Naturopathy who healed himself.

1st Thu. of the Month, 9am PT
Learn how to have health assurance, health empowerment and joyous health through herbs and plants with Susun and her guests. Susun has studied herbs since 1965 and is a world recognized author, writer, workshop leader & teacher.

Rebecca Kordecki  GET LIFTED 
2nd Thu. of the Month, 9am PT
Rebecca and her guests will share inspiring stories and answer your questions on overcoming adversity and the fitness or nutrition industry. Rebecca is a  20-year fitness expert, celebrity trainer and Booty Slide Creator.
Dr. Andrew McCabe  AUTISM w/Dr. Andy 
Thu. 10am PT
Join Dr. Andy and his guests as they explore the world of alternative therapies that may be effective in assisting children on the autism spectrum. Dr. Andrew McCabe has a Psy.D. in Applied Psychology and is a full time professor.

Elysa Markowitz   NATURAL EATING  
3rd Thu. of the Month, 9am PT
Listen to informative guests, get helpful tips and learn how to spice up your life naturally with mouth watering meals. Elysa is an author, former TV host & respected raw food expert in the natural food industry.

Monday, July 13, 2015

HealthyLife.Net - All Natural Health and Fitness Hosts

Listen to these wonderful and informative All Natural Health & Fitness Radio Hosts

1st Tues. of the Month 9am PT
Bernie is a world-renown physician, author, lecturer & advocate for individuals facing challenges of chronic illness. Learn about  mind-body medicine and reach out for the help that Bernie so lovingly provides.

1st Mon. of the Month, 9am PT
Learn clues to live healthy in a toxic world. Dr. Gloria Gilbere, CDP, ND, DA Hom, PhD, CWR is world-renown on discovering causes, effects and non-drug solutions for environmental, chemically-induced immune system disorders & conditions.

Dawson Church   SOUL MEDICINE
2nd Mon. of the Month, 9am PT
Discover the connection between consciousness and medicine! Meditation, prayer, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, energy healing modalities. Dawson is an author, editor, Naturopath and Founder of Soul Medicine Institute.

1st and 3rd Mon. every month 12pm PT
Live a Wellness Lifestyle! Every week you'll discover cutting-edge wellness and  fitness tips and knowledge from Shea and her expert guests. Shea, a recognized wellness and fitness expert, is an author and Founder of Sheanetics.

Dr. Robert Rosenberg  ANSWERS FOR SLEEP
1st Mon. of the Month, 2pm PT
Find the way to restful sleep as you get answers to your sleep questions and discover the latest trends in sleep medicine. Dr. Robert Rosenberg is a journalist, an author and a Board Certified Doctor of Pulmonary, Internal and Sleep Medicine.

Wed. 1pm PT
Join sports podiatrist, Dr. Bob and his guests for important topical information for  wellness & sports performance. Dr Bob is a 20-year radio host, writer and doctor who has treated some of the best athletes in all types of sports.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Internet Radio for Media Buyers

In this economy you are being asked to do more with less, so don’t let your clients miss out on one of the fastest growing markets in the media industry – Independent Internet radio. Here are a few reasons why Independent Internet Radio is a great choice:

Missed Market of Engaged Listeners
According to the U.S. Census Bureau and Small Business Administration there are 21 million plus non-employer based businesses in the U.S. of which 52% are home based businesses. In comparison there are only 5milllion plus employer based U.S. businesses. More people are working on computers at home and will listen to internet radio in the background rather than be distracted watching TV or a video. Working alone, the innate need for social contact is met with an internet radio talk show. Listeners tend to feel they are not alone and have a chance to interact via telephone, text, email or social networks during live programs.

Higher Ad Receptivity
Studies have shown that people are hit with 3,000 -5,000 ads per day. This is usually too many for people to process so they tune most of them out – either physically, like a DVR, or mentally. However radio spot ads are less obtrusive because 1) they are expected. The host actually announces they are going to commercial break; 2) radio spots are sound bites, not visuals, which are less distracting; 3) radio is an emotional buy. It leaves the ‘pictures’ up to the mind of the listener who actually matches their ‘pictures’ directly to their needs. This does have more impact - think of the effect of the murder scene in ‘Psycho’ as compared to ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ where people get numb to the violence. 4) radio ads also have a better ‘top of mind’ recall experience; and 5) studies have shown that people will spend more time listening to radio ads, so they are more likely to remember and respond to them.

A Viable Growing Market
Internet Radio continues to expand in growth unlike terrestrial radio which entered the internet market too late. They are still struggling with the Internet and technology while trying to maintain their old paradigm which doesn’t work with today’s audience and technology. Internet radio stations can be, and many are, syndicated and simulcast on many distribution channels, creating a wider network appeal that reaches the listener wherever they are – internet, in-cars, smartphones, WiFi, Ipads, private radio networks, and more. Plus there is added ad shelf life with archives, downloads, podcasts and RSS feeds. In addition - Internet Radio’s Drive Time is longer from 8am – 5pm. Plus what is really great is that usually all this ‘reach’ is included free with your initial buy, making your ROI more economically effective.  

A Full Digital Presence
Internet Radio can provide more than just radio spots for your clients. Banners, coupons, email blasts, social media mentions are just some of the added possibilities that come included with Internet Talk Radio ad campaigns giving your client a maximum digital presence exposure. 

A Niche Market Demographic
Internet radio listeners do tend to have higher, more disposable income levels. Dependent upon the Internet Talk Station’s niche market, demographic information like age groups, gender, marital status and other data will vary but can give you a more specific choice for your client’s product or service – which leads to a better ROI.

Targeted Ad Placement
Imagine reaching local, national or global listeners all in one place. Internet Talk Radio allows media buyers to do this. Plus Internet Talk Radio Stations can target specific local, national and global audiences. Terrestrial radio has a small footprint with almost no local programming.

Better ‘Straight From the Source’ Tracking
Internet Radio has more real stats available than the archaic terrestrial radio. There are no studies comparing terrestrial digital radio and independent internet radio. However to give you an example, when HealthyLife.Net Radio compared ‘apples to apples’ from the latest Triton Digital Media Study, HealthyLife.Net had 1700% more live session listeners than the top terrestrial digital radio stations using the exact same criteria. So don’t discount Independent Internet Radio stations – they are viable players in the media marketplace and are usually more niche market.

Don't Rely on Someone Else's Statistics - Track Them Yourself
With Independent Internet Radio there is also a way to justify actual real numbers and ROI with minimal effort on your part.  Your clients can set up a specific telephone number for ordering and for a banner link they can set up a web landing page, with an unpublished link. This can be placed as a click-through banner on the radio site,  so clients can track their own statistics – which takes you out of the numbers game all together! Average click-throughs from HealthyLife.Net Radio's home page is about 41,000 in a 13-week campaign.

Independent Internet Talk Radio is not a replacement to traditional media but IT IS a viable addition. It’s a marketplace that can expand your brand now and in the future.
HealthyLife.Net Radio Network, a pioneer in positive talk radio, is a 12-year young Internet Radio Network that provides economical full digital presence ad campaigns for media buyers.

More on Advertising with Radio? Click Here

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Bernie Siegel, MD is the best-selling author of many books including 365 Prescriptions for the Soul. It contains 365 messages similar in a sense to what is written above but at the end of each "Prescription" there is a SOULUTION. Not a practical solution, but a Soulution which gives you and your life deeper meaning and will satisfy the feelings your heart and soul yearn for. Bernie urges you that when you do find your Soulutions, spread the Message. Do Good Works and Love; your body and soul will find atonement or as someone in Bernie spells it-At One Ment with you know who.

1.    What is the greatest lesson you've learned?

BERNIE:  Life is a gift to be enjoyed despite its difficulties and love is the answer.

2.      What is something you are deeply grateful for?

BERNIE: The chance to experience life and make a difference.

3.      What's the most important thing you do (or be) to keep your life positive?

BERNIE:  Accept that a perfect world is not creation and let my difficulties be my teachers and life coaches. And let Lassie be my role model.  Become a LOVE WARRIOR and let love be their weapon of choice.    

Listen and call-in to Dr. Bernie Siegel's "Mind Health Matters" Radio Show on Healthy the First Tuesday of Every Month at 9:00 a.m. PST toll free at 800-555-5453
FREE or 310-371-5444.

Monday, June 22, 2015

How Positive Radio (aka can Reduce Stress

By Debbi Dachinger is a 24/7 positive radio station. Hearing Positive Radio on a consistent basis is a life changing experience.  The Mayo Clinic says: "Positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health."

The health benefits of positive radio~ Researchers continue to explore the effects of  positive thinking and optimism on health. It is proven that positive thought can help boost your immune system. Other health benefits that positive thinking may provide include:

*        Increased life span
*        Lower rates of depression
*        Lower levels of stress
*        Greater resistance to the illness and dis-ease
*        Better psychological and physical well-being
*        Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
*        Better coping skills during stress and hardship

It's also thought that positive and optimistic people tend to live healthier lifestyles - they  get more physical activity, don't smoke or drink alcohol in excess and follow a healthier diet.

Positive Effects of Listening to Radio:

*        You'll identify negative areas to change. Listening to our credentialed and expert hosts allows you to become more optimistic and engage in more positive thinking.
*        Keep Positive. If you find that your thoughts are turning negative, remember that puts a positive spin on radio talk,. So periodically during the day or night tune into during to help turn your negative thoughts - positive.
*        Be Open to Humor. gives listeners permission to smile or laugh, while listening because we engage in humor in everyday happenings. When you can
laugh at life, you feel less stressed.
*        Follow a Healthy Lifestyle. HealthyLife.netpositively affects mood and reduces stress. Plus with the plethora of all natural health information it can provide positive fuel for your mind and body. You may even learn techniques to help manage stress and help solve your problems.
*        Surround yourself with positive people. The hosts at are all positive and supportive people. People you can depend on to give helpful advice and great information to help deal with your life in a positive way.
*        Practice positive self-talk. is fun, gentle and encouraging. There is one simple rule: Be kind to yourself, to everyone and to every thing.

Since everyone has a unique response to stress, there is no "one size fits all" solution to managing it. No single method works for everyone or in every situation. That is why we have so many great hosts and different genre shows. Experiment with listening to more of Host's positive programs to incorporate different positive techniques and strategies into your life. Tuning in whether live, on-demand archive or by podcast download will help you to focus on what makes you feel calm and centered., where every show produced is upbeat, educational, inspirational and positive! Tune In now!

Debbi Dachinger is a popular radio and TV media personality and guest, a speaker, a multi-book and sought after media coach. Debbi  has the fun, cutting-edge talk radio show 'Dare To Dream' broadcasting every Wednesday at 11am PT on

Monday, June 15, 2015

7 Advantages of Radio

1.         REAL All Positive NewsTalk Radio.  Bringing positive media to the entertainment arena, uses a true radio format brought to you by veteran radio professionals - without the sensationalism, advertiser-driven or political content of traditional media - all designed to help you really have a happy, healthy life.

2.         Available Anywhere.  Whether you are on the internet at home or at work, in your car, in a retail store, on your smartphone, tablet, smartTV or WiFi device is spreading the word of positive thought and is available to you on over 62 channels of distribution reaching 130 countries and all 50 U.S. States.

3.         Listen Anytime.  Your favorite shows can be listened to Live, On-Demand or Downloaded in Multiple Formats so you can listen anytime you want.

4.         Programs You Want to Hear.  With a variety of genres we have something for everyone and we cover the topics that you want to hear: Natural Health, Science and Fitness, Business & News, Lifestyle Issues, Inspiration & Motivation, Variety & the Arts, Spirituality and the Paranormal and Community Programs.

5.         Expert Hosts with You In Mind.  Navigate life's troubled waters and get your life back to smooth sailing. With over 40 TV, radio and national expert hosts you can learn something every hour. These hosts have helped thousands to millions of people and are there ready to help you. Many will even take your call-in questions right on air.

6.         It's Absolutely, Totally Free.  There is never a charge to our listeners - all our programs and downloads are free.

7.         It's Easy.  If you are on the Internet just go to and click the blue Listen Live Button  or  the Smartphone, Mac, Tablet, Wifi and more Button or go to  to  download the TuneIn Free App from your App store. Then do a search for and make us your favorite. We're always just one or two clicks away.