Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Radio: The Medium With The Biggest Reach

You wouldn't know it from all the media coverage focused on streaming video but according to an April 2015 national Edison Research and Triton Digital survey found that 119 million people, listen on a weekly basis to online radio. Now a recent Nielsen data shows internet radio actually has the most reach among American media consumers.

Traditional Radio is a local medium found in radios and cars with a local footprint. In comparison, Online Digital Radio can be found on the Internet and well, wherever and however you can get the Internet - In Cars, Smartphones, Computers, Tablets, SmartTVs, SmartWatches, private radio networks and it is found locally, nationally and globally.
Thus supplying much more program diversity and listener reach.

Earlier this month, Amazon held its first global sale event called Amazon Prime Day. Afterwards, Cumulus/Westwood One commissioned an IPSOS study to determine how effective radio, TV and online advertising were at driving purchases. The results may surprise you as much as they surprised me:

Of those exposed to radio ads, 52% made a purchase. That compares with 48% of people who saw ads online and 39% who saw TV ads. (So if you were wondering about whether or not you should contact HealthyLife.net about your advertisement needs, let this statistic be your guide to a resounding yes.)

Marketers are increasingly focused, as we know, on targeting specific audiences. In that regard, these days on traditional radio there is a limited variety of radio formats, especially in talk radio. However internet radio is a specific dream target for advertisers.

It's quite clear that your advertising budget should all be paying more attention to internet radio and its targeted reach. It's doing the job with expert efficiency.

HealthyLife.net does a great job of not only presenting your healthy life product or service to affluent buyers but fostering your positive corporate self-image --and HealthyLife.net is respected. It only takes advertising partners who are in alignment with its mission of all natural health and products/services that help people have a happy, healthy life.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Does Media Define Gender Roles?

by Debbi Dachinger

In an attempt to simplify the complicated nature of men and women, society has allowed media to define and otherwise perpetuate gender stereotypes that dumb down the human experience. And, in its attempt to elevate one gender, denigrate the other. From books and magazines to television programs to radio and films to video games and online communities, media drives our understanding of gender. As a woman, still in a predominantly men-make-more money based society, I am hyper aware of the influence media can have on us all.

By presenting us with images and voices of women, men, and relationships, media advances the ideals of what is desirable in women and men. These ideals are, at best, suffocating stereotypes because they present society with how men and women-and children-are "supposed" to be. But there are small victories that suggest some of us have had enough of the status quo.

There will always be a fraction of people who refuse to act as equal partners in any relationship and/or work-life situation. However, I hold out hope that those of us who value the men and women-and children-in our lives can unite in our efforts to champion a realistic depiction of gender roles.

According to CriticalMediaProject.org the first step in effecting lasting change is to start the conversation. Nurture your voice. Speak out if you notice media's portrayal of men being incapable of being equal partners with the women in their lives. www.criticalmediaproject.org/cml/topicbackground/gender

In March 2015, at the United Nations on this subject, came this: "In moving forward on the post-2015 goals, advancing gender equality was as much a political as a personal agenda, said the conversation's moderator, Noelene Nabulivou, speaking on behalf of Diverse Voices and Action for Equality (DIVA), the Executive Committee of Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN) and the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN-Women) Asia Pacific Regional Civil Society Advisory Group.  Achieving gender equality and empowerment required stretching and breaking gender stereotypes, including for women, lesbian,
gay, bisexual and transgender people, she said."  http://www.un.org/press/en/2015/wom2031.doc.htm

What makes HealthyLife.net effective for positive gender roles is its support in the numbers of men and women hosts. In addition it is a woman owned and operated which  has no bias on age. You will find younger hosts, middle aged, as well as, older hosts who offer tremendous wisdom and education to all.  Sharing your wisdom is also encouraged  on HealthyLife.net. When you are listening to your favorite radio programs on HealthyLife.net Radio (http://www.HealthyLife.net)  and you're invited as a listener to call in and ask a question or voice your opinion, please feel free to do so.  

HealthyLife.net Radio can influence equality? For starters, the presence of women on the radio, television and in print is more likely to provide positive role models for women and girls. It also enables women to gain the confidence as sources of interviews. You will also find that HRN (HealthyLife.net Radio Network) has an extensive by veteran women media professionals. In addition, conscious efforts are made to portray women and men in non-stereotypical situations.  

Even today a very small percentage of women occupy leadership positions in traditional radio networks. HRN proves that excellence is not limited by gender. The media does have an important role in shaping society. Support HRN as it helps shape our society and world in positive leadership for all.

Debbi Dachinger hosts Dare to Dream  at HealthyLife.net WED, 11 AM PT

Monday, August 24, 2015

HealthyLife.Net Years Ahead of Emerging Positive Media Curve

In 2002 HealthyLife.net, a pioneer in positive media, commenced its positive radio talk network to provide a balance against the negativity, sensationalism and controversy of traditional media. It was definitely what people were trending towards because today, by 3rd party analysis, HealthyLife.net has 1700% more listeners than any traditional digital radio station.

One of HealthyLife.net's purposes was to pave the way for other positive media. Recently a wave of media alternatives focused on presenting a positive, balanced view of the world are now coming into play. HealthyLife.net is ecstatic at the possibility that traditional media is finally beginning to question their negativity and its result.

According to the BBC website Charlie Beckett, former editor of Channel 4 News and director of journalism think-tank POLIS, highlighted positive and solution-focused news sections in the likes of traditional media and the rise of alternatives such as Positive News, (HealthyLife.net started a Weekday Positive News Show in 2007) as a challenge to traditional news values. Beckett said that there is an ingrained belief in mainstream media that news has to be about something broken, violent or disturbing, which runs so deep that it's almost the unconscious of the craft. He went on to potently share: Journalists are questioning the fundamentals of news itself. But change is beginning to stir at a deeper level, he said. Even the toughest of mainstream newsrooms are aware that the old editorial certainties are being questioned.

In the Huffington Post Positive News editor, Seán Dagan Wood, is quoted as saying he believed that relentless bad news was leaving audiences feeling disempowered "We are reaching peak negativity in the news," he said. "The overall narrative that the media creates is no longer serving us and it's increasingly at odds with our evolving sense of who we are, what works and what's possible."

According to Gawker.com Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, recently
announced a global editorial initiative in this space: "If we don't cover positive stories, ideally with the same relentlessness and the same resources that we cover negative stories, we're basically not giving our readers the full truth," said Huffington. "We're giving them a very jaundiced view of human nature."  Interestingly, stories that reinforce faith in human nature are shared three times more on the Huffington Post than the combined average of all other sections on the site.

According to The United Kingdom's PositiveNews.org, statistics show that audiences are fatigued by the repetition of stories of misery and violence in foreign news.  "The news agenda as it stands has disturbing consequences," warned Dr Denise Baden, who has researched social psychology in relation to the news. "It leads to helplessness. It leads to a lack of agency. It leads to mental health issues," she said.

In today's ever changing world, reliable ethical media has a responsibility to expose positive stories and potential solutions. It's not enough to just inform people about what's going wrong because it fosters a negative focus without balance. Unfortunately nowadays  this is the way in which traditional media chooses to report. However, HealthyLife.net is not part of THAT paradigm.

Marketing agencies are expected to spend a total of $540 billion worldwide on advertising in 2015, led by a 15.7 percent growth in digital media. Yet advertising dollars in traditional television, newspapers and magazines are either in decline or show stunted gains. This offers some proof that traditional media is not maintaining its audience and thereby not satisfying its ad clients needs. Ostrich in the sand, just 'make the money' business media executives are missing the old standard universal media law that does maintain audience and ad dollars - CONTENT IS KING. Combine that with the majority of people not wanting all that sensationalism, negativity and controversy and Positive Media stands out with its content AND consistent, growing audience.

HealthyLife.net is the King and Queen of Positive Media leading their audience to new ideas, solutions and possibilities of a happy, healthy life. With its live, on-demand and podcast download shows and 62 channels of syndicated/simulcast distribution to 130 countries and all 50 U.S. States, it has a massive audience. The time is right to consider advertising or sponsoring a show on HealthyLife.net's All Positive Media. So for a positive experience please consider us for your next advertising buy.  Contact John at 310-483-1436, ad@healthylife.net.

Monday, August 10, 2015

How Positive Radio can Bring about Community

While internet access is growing throughout the world, radio remains an important and widespread medium in which to reach affluent, as well as, poor and marginalized communities in countries around the world.

Radio builds community, when it is made by and for members of a community, then it becomes an empowering tool. For instance, HealthyLife.net is positive radio streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HealthyLife.net listeners are a like-minded community committed to living a happy, healthy life through self-development, self-care and the attention of taking care of our planet and our people.

 A. Positive Attributes  of HealthyLife.net Radio

* Offers a wide array of formats (program types) to reach listeners for a positive state of mind, with complementary shows and messages.

* Allows easy, immediate delivery to worldwide listeners simultaneously.

* Program genres and variety are audience driven so the listener does not need to seek programming elsewhere.

*  Captures local, regional, national and global audiences.

* Produces one of the highest levels of reach to the Cultural Creative Consumer Market as well as to the South Bay consumer local and traditional radio consumer markets.

* 62 different distribution channels covers the multiple devices that people utilize to listen: in cars, on internet, wifi, mobile via  computer, smartphone, tablet, smartTVand private radio networks.

* Positive media IS one of the most engaging of all media forms for the 'always feel good factor.'

* Can inform and educate people on all levels from beginner yo expert in a plethora of genres such as Natural Health & Fitness, Spirituality & Paranormal, Variety & Arts,
Inspiration & Motivation, Business & Community and Lifestyle.

B. How HealthyLife.net Builds Community

  1. Education and Improvement

  1. Communication and Information Sharing

  1. Cultural Promotion and Entertainment

  1. Individual Guidance and Information through Call-In Activity

  1. Top level expert radio hosts and guest.

  1. A wide variety of compelling radio programming on many subjects ofinterest, and all positive and upbeat.

HealthyLife.net: More than positive radio - a positive way to life.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Positive Talk Radio Review: HealthyLife.net Radio Network

by James Bean

In a crazy, stressed out over-caffeinated world of broadcasting where all-too-often creativity is stifled and actually sometimes even punished, there is a unique radio network called HealthyLife.Net with impressive demographics, generating web-traffic, streaming audio and much enthusiasm these days, featuring programming with a positive Vision for the world --- the way radio should be and can be.

Launched September 1st, 2002, HealthyLife.net  --- The Positive Radio Network, was founded by Linda Mackenzie. HealthyLife.net is a 24 hour a day holistic network based in Manhattan Beach, California featuring all-positive and healthy talk shows by a variety of hosts including: Guy Finley, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Jonathan Goldman, and programs on: holistic health, wellness, sports, fitness, diet, peace, the environment, spirituality (including 'Spiritual Awakening Radio'),  self-empowerment, inspiration, motivation, relationships, family/children's/women and men 's issues, psychology, new thought, awareness, meditation, news, music and numerous call-in shows featuring well-known guests and authors.

The advent of HealthyLife.net in a very real sense represents a turning-point in broadcasting, and you could say, the "legalization", so to speak in our media-culture, of spirituality as a subject worthy of coverage and discussion on the airwaves in a serious sort of way. For many, HealthyLife.net is the fulfillment of a Vision for a more meaningful, constructive right-use of broadcasting, a yearning by many for a very long time, filling a real void in our media wasteland ........ that missing holistic channel we've been searching for. We have scores of other kinds of radio and media --- why not a channel for spirituality and well-being!!?

From the Mission Statement of HealthyLife.Net

"To utilize radio to encourage a positive world community towards positive thought and action, elimination of fear and the concept that we are all one here for the greater good of all.

"WHO & WHY WE ARE:  HealthyLife.net  --- The Positive Radio Network is dedicated to enhancing Positive Health & Spirit! Everyone can use a little more positive energy in their lives and we believe POSITIVE programming helps point the way to a healthier, happier life and a better planet. All positive emotion and positive action comes from positive thought. Positive thought is the most powerful tool we have to create the reality that we want. Most media outlets provide fear-based, sensationalized programs that constantly assault us (consciously and subconsciously) with negativity..... To our best ability we promise .... ALL POSITIVE PROGRAMMING that can help your life, make you feel good and encourages our world to be a more positive place.

Monday, July 20, 2015

More HealthyLife.Net All Natural Health and Fitness Hosts

Listen to these wonderful and informative All Natural Health & Fitness Radio Hosts

Steve Monkiewicz   REAL HEALTH   Wed. 12pm PT
Get more control over your health and life with cutting edge info and riveting guests that motivate and stimulate interest in art/science of real health and wellness. Steve is a 42+ broadcast veteran who became a Doctor of Naturopathy who healed himself.

1st Thu. of the Month, 9am PT
Learn how to have health assurance, health empowerment and joyous health through herbs and plants with Susun and her guests. Susun has studied herbs since 1965 and is a world recognized author, writer, workshop leader & teacher.

Rebecca Kordecki  GET LIFTED 
2nd Thu. of the Month, 9am PT
Rebecca and her guests will share inspiring stories and answer your questions on overcoming adversity and the fitness or nutrition industry. Rebecca is a  20-year fitness expert, celebrity trainer and Booty Slide Creator.
Dr. Andrew McCabe  AUTISM w/Dr. Andy 
Thu. 10am PT
Join Dr. Andy and his guests as they explore the world of alternative therapies that may be effective in assisting children on the autism spectrum. Dr. Andrew McCabe has a Psy.D. in Applied Psychology and is a full time professor.

Elysa Markowitz   NATURAL EATING  
3rd Thu. of the Month, 9am PT
Listen to informative guests, get helpful tips and learn how to spice up your life naturally with mouth watering meals. Elysa is an author, former TV host & respected raw food expert in the natural food industry.

Monday, July 13, 2015

HealthyLife.Net - All Natural Health and Fitness Hosts

Listen to these wonderful and informative All Natural Health & Fitness Radio Hosts

1st Tues. of the Month 9am PT
Bernie is a world-renown physician, author, lecturer & advocate for individuals facing challenges of chronic illness. Learn about  mind-body medicine and reach out for the help that Bernie so lovingly provides.

1st Mon. of the Month, 9am PT
Learn clues to live healthy in a toxic world. Dr. Gloria Gilbere, CDP, ND, DA Hom, PhD, CWR is world-renown on discovering causes, effects and non-drug solutions for environmental, chemically-induced immune system disorders & conditions.

Dawson Church   SOUL MEDICINE
2nd Mon. of the Month, 9am PT
Discover the connection between consciousness and medicine! Meditation, prayer, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, energy healing modalities. Dawson is an author, editor, Naturopath and Founder of Soul Medicine Institute.

1st and 3rd Mon. every month 12pm PT
Live a Wellness Lifestyle! Every week you'll discover cutting-edge wellness and  fitness tips and knowledge from Shea and her expert guests. Shea, a recognized wellness and fitness expert, is an author and Founder of Sheanetics.

Dr. Robert Rosenberg  ANSWERS FOR SLEEP
1st Mon. of the Month, 2pm PT
Find the way to restful sleep as you get answers to your sleep questions and discover the latest trends in sleep medicine. Dr. Robert Rosenberg is a journalist, an author and a Board Certified Doctor of Pulmonary, Internal and Sleep Medicine.

Wed. 1pm PT
Join sports podiatrist, Dr. Bob and his guests for important topical information for  wellness & sports performance. Dr Bob is a 20-year radio host, writer and doctor who has treated some of the best athletes in all types of sports.