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7 Advantages of Radio

1.         REAL All Positive NewsTalk Radio.  Bringing positive media to the entertainment arena, uses a true radio format brought to you by veteran radio professionals - without the sensationalism, advertiser-driven or political content of traditional media - all designed to help you really have a happy, healthy life.

2.         Available Anywhere.  Whether you are on the internet at home or at work, in your car, in a retail store, on your smartphone, tablet or WiFi device is spreading the word of positive thought and is available to you on over 60 channels of distribution reaching 128 countries and all 50 U.S. States.

3.         Listen Anytime.  Your favorite shows can be listened to Live, On-Demand or Downloaded in Multiple Formats so you can listen anytime you want.

4.         Programs You Want to Hear.  With a variety of genres we have something for everyone and we cover the topics that you want to hear: Natural Health & Science, Business & News, Lifestyle Issues, Sports & Fitness, Inspiration & Motivation, Variety & the Arts, Spirituality and the Paranormal and Community Programs.

5.         Expert Hosts with You In Mind.  Navigate life's troubled waters and get your life back to smooth sailing. With over 40 TV, radio and national expert hosts you can learn something every hour. These hosts have helped thousands to millions of people and are there ready to help you. Many will even take your call-in questions right on air.

6.         It's Absolutely, Totally Free.  There is never a charge to our listeners - all our programs and downloads are free.

7.         It's Easy.  If you are on the Internet just go to and click the blue Listen Live Button  or  go to  or  download the TuneIn Free App from your App store. Then do a search for and make us your favorite. We're always just one or two clicks away.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Changing the World – One Listener at a Time

Changing the World – One Listener at a Time
by Linda Mackenzie, Founder of Radio Network

     I awaken on September 1, 2001. It is a typical day in America. I feel the collective fear of the people rising and vibrating an unseen, low frequency energy. It pervades into the energy around me. It is palatable like a dense fog that I can see, taste and smell. A bombardment of constant negativity seems to emanate from every aspect of life. I see it manifest in dark fog-like patches, slowly moving with purpose towards destruction of family, community, abundance, career, relationships and self. I feel a subtle heaviness extending beyond America surrounding the entire earth itself.
     My Spiritual Warrior side is saddened and outraged. Yet at the same time I feel the underlying hope amongst the despair. I see the bright glimmer of positive energy accumulating and struggling to surface through this dense fog. I trust there is a Divine Plan. I know that positive energy in the form of positive thought can overcome fear and negativity. It can free the earth, all its inhabitants and manifest the world that we are meant to have.
     But how can I reach the masses to pass this knowledge on? How can I help relieve the suffering? How can I create a domino effect of truth, love and collective positive thought to help produce the positive energy that is so desperately needed in these times? I need to do more but I can't do it alone. The new paradigm is connection not isolation.
     That day I made a list (left brain stuff), I meditated (right brain stuff) and I prayed (spirit stuff). Finally I found the clarity I needed. I would become, in essence, Positive Energy In Action and provide an all-positive Internet Radio Station. This station, based in truth and integrity, can help create a positive world community to promote positive thought, positive action and elimination of fear. It can encourage individual diversity, while preserving the concept that we are all one, here for the greater good of all. We can change the world – one listener at a time. Did you know that it takes less than 50 million people to become a critical mass to change the world? So I set out to do my part!
     It took me a year of many negative setbacks, but I stayed positive, persevered and stayed true to my dream. I let go of all my fear, ego, attitudes, expectations, control issues, negative thoughts and feelings. I relied on my own three word mantra-Feel, Know and Trust. I felt it was going to happen. I knew it was going to happen and I trusted it was going to happen. As soon as I did that, the magic began to happen.
     On September 1, 2002, a year to the day of my beginning concept, CHSR HealthyLife.Net-All Positive Talk & Music Radio entered into beta testing. October 1, 2002, I started my live radio show 5 times a week. In November other positive hosts started to appear. Today we are up 24/7 and have many, many hosts-all with TV, film, radio or national lecture experience. Live, On-Air, Call-In Hosts like: Dr. Bernie Siegel, Guy Finley, Sally Kirkland… All connected by one purpose - to help people deal with their lives in a conscious, positive way. Today in 2009, Radio reaches over 3,000,000 people in 108 countries and is simulcast 24/7 on over 26 channels including the Internet, WiFi, PDAs, Smartphones and private radio networks to the blind, prison systems, retail stores and more…and we’re growing. We are helping people have happier, healthy lives and contributing to the critical mass that can change this planet to a positive place for all. I am still walking my talk, living my dream to help this planet and am grateful that I am able to do my part.

We are now going into our 12th year and still going strong... Thank you listeners

Monday, October 15, 2012

HealthyLife.Net Radio Hosts Ten-Year Celebration with Listeners

Los Angeles, CA, October 15, 2012… Radio (, the premier choice of positive talk on the Internet, is hosting its Tenth Anniversary Party with a remote broadcast on Saturday, October 20, 2012, 12 noon - 3 p.m., at the Redondo Beach Pier in Redondo Beach, California. Founder and General Manager Linda Mackenzie, Program Director/News Anchor Jay Cruz and radio host/Redondo Beach Mayor candidate Steve Aspel will preside over the ocean-side birthday gala, joined by special celebrity guest, CURRENT TV radio host and star of the Sexy Liberal Tour Stephanie Miller. Adding to the fun of this special broadcast, is a cache of giveaways including gift cards for fabulous Portifino Hotel Stay-cations, Whole Foods and Sprouts organic groceries, Shade Hotel Lunch for 4 and more from the Redondo Beach Pier restaurants.

To extend the celebration to include the growing global list of listeners outside of California's South Bay, there are celebration surprises with giveaways through the social media
channels including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Full details available at:

"Despite the challenges and changing landscape in play throughout the radio industry, we still continue to experience continuous, explosive growth in our listener base worldwide, which is a remarkable testament to the premise of positive talk and of course, our knowledgeable and entertaining content providers," states Linda Mackenzie.

"I could go on and on about the success our unique weekday positive news program or how our South Bay Saturday local programming is so well received, but instead, I'll just sum up the success of with the latest stats from independent/in-house analysis studies which indicate that has higher website rankings, page views and website visits, plus 1,200% more listeners than any terrestrial radio station's digital channels - without our 58 syndicated/simulcast channel provider numbers.  Now that's something huge to celebrate!"

About - A pioneer in positive media since 2002, broadcasts on: internet, in cars, smartphones, tablets, WiFi, Microsoft® Windows Media Player® Radio Tuner, private radio networks and more. reaches 108 countries with 82.7% of listeners coming from 1,240 cities in all 50 U.S. States. The programs, hosted by recognized TV, film, radio and national experts (like Dr. Bernie Siegel, Golden Globe winner, Oscar nominee Sally Kirkland) span a variety of topics that are designed to help people have a happy, healthy life.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Internet Radio for Media Buyers

Internet Radio for Media Buyers
In this economy you are being asked to do more with less, so don’t let your clients miss out on one of the fastest growing markets in the media industry – Independent Internet radio. Here are a few reasons why Independent Internet Radio is a great choice:

Missed Market of Engaged Listeners
According to the U.S. Census Bureau and Small Business Administration there are 21 million plus non-employer based businesses in the U.S. of which 52% are home based businesses. In comparison there are only 5milllion plus employer based U.S. businesses. More people are working on computers at home and will listen to internet radio in the background rather than be distracted watching TV or a video. Working alone, the innate need for social contact is met with an internet radio talk show. Listeners tend to feel they are not alone and have a chance to interact via telephone, text, email or social networks during live programs.

Higher Ad Receptivity
Studies have shown that people are hit with 3,000 -5,000 ads per day. This is usually too many for people to process so they tune most of them out – either physically, like a DVR, or mentally. However radio spot ads are less obtrusive because 1) they are expected. The host actually announces they are going to commercial break; 2) radio spots are sound bites, not visuals, which are less distracting; 3) radio is an emotional buy. It leaves the ‘pictures’ up to the mind of the listener who actually matches their ‘pictures’ directly to their needs. This does have more impact - think of the effect of the murder scene in ‘Psycho’ as compared to ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ where people get numb to the violence. 4) radio ads also have a better ‘top of mind’ recall experience; and 5) studies have shown that people will spend more time listening to radio ads, so they are more likely to remember and respond to them.

A Viable Growing Market
Internet Radio continues to expand in growth unlike terrestrial radio which entered the internet market too late. They are still struggling with the Internet and technology while trying to maintain their old paradigm which doesn’t work with today’s audience and technology. Internet radio stations can be, and many are, syndicated and simulcast on many distribution channels, creating a wider network appeal that reaches the listener wherever they are – internet, in-cars, smartphones, WiFi, Ipads, private radio networks, and more. Plus there is added ad shelf life with archives, downloads, podcasts and RSS feeds. In addition - Internet Radio’s Drive Time is longer from 8am – 5pm. Plus what is really great is that usually all this ‘reach’ is included free with your initial buy, making your ROI more economically effective.
A Full Digital Presence
Internet Radio can provide more than just radio spots for your clients. Banners, coupons, email blasts, social media mentions are just some of the added possibilities that come included with Internet Talk Radio ad campaigns giving your client a maximum digital presence exposure.

A Niche Market Demographic
Internet radio listeners do tend to have higher, more disposable income levels. Dependent upon the Internet Talk Station’s niche market, demographic information like age groups, gender, marital status and other data will vary but can give you a more specific choice for your client’s product or service – which leads to a better ROI.

Targeted Ad Placement
Imagine reaching local, national or global listeners all in one place. Internet Talk Radio allows media buyers to do this. Plus Internet Talk Radio Stations can target specific local, national and global audiences. Terrestrial radio has a small footprint with almost no local programming.

Better ‘Straight From the Source’ Tracking
No more extrapolated number from 3rd parties. Internet Radio has more real stats available to them than terrestrial radio. There are no studies comparing terrestrial digital radio and independent internet radio. However to give you an example, when HealthyLife.Net Radio compared ‘apples to apples’ from the latest Triton Digital Media Study, HealthyLife.Net had 1200% more live session listeners than the top terrestrial digital radio stations using the exact same criteria. So don’t discount Independent Internet Radio stations – they are viable players in the media marketplace.

With Independent Internet Radio there is also a way to justify actual real numbers and ROI with minimal effort on your part.  Your clients can actually set up a specific telephone number for ordering and for a banner link, set up a web landing page, with an unpublished link which can be placed on the radio site so clients can track their own statistics – which takes you out of the numbers game all together!

Independent Internet Talk Radio is not a replacement to traditional media but IS a viable addition. It’s a new marketplace that can produce for you now and is destined to only increase in the years to come.

HealthyLife.Net Radio Network is a 10-year young Internet Radio Network that provides economical full digital presence ad campaigns for media buyers.Visit

Monday, April 9, 2012

Internet Talk Radio Advertising: Ugly Duckling Turns Swan

By Linda Mackenzie

When it comes to placing ad dollars many advertising and marketing companies perceive radio, and especially independent internet talk radio, as an ugly duckling. Today the majority of advertising budgets are going to video, search and digital websites which have high visitor counts. They shun the poor ugly duckling internet radio and only place minimal amounts of their budgets to old known terrestrial radio conglomerates.  How’s that working for you?

Well here’s the rub ducklings…you’re missing 8 to 10 hours of prime time audience from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. every weekday. Internet Radio is now full grown and it’s a beautiful Swan swimming strong. Feed the swan and you’ll get results and here’s why…

  1. Do you realize that during the work day people are usually not allowed to surf the web or watch videos from their desks – their employers want them to work and frown on these activities. However, radio and internet radio is usually allowed because it is played in the background. Plus with WiFi, Bluetooth and Smartphones internet radio is readily available to the listener at the office and they are listening.

  1. While people are driving to work with Bluetooth, in-dash and smartphone capabilities now available in cars, independent internet radio stations are here to stay and people ARE listening. Let’s face it. I certainly wouldn’t want to drive near a distracted driver who was watching a video or doing a search while driving and lately there are low rumblings in the government sector to research these activities in more depth for possible liabilities.

  1. Per the latest census bureau statistics there were 27,281,452 employer firms compared to 21,351,320 non-employer firms and according to the Small Business Administration 52% are home-based businesses. People are meant to be social animals. Many of these people need social interaction during their workday - but working from home, alone, this may be difficult. Remember music incites the soul and talk insights the mind. Talk radio fills this social interaction gap and Internet Talk radio fills this gap with new, refreshing programs that are not the standard fare of the terrestrial industry.

  1. Not all Internet Talk Radio stations are alike. Make sure you select a station that has longevity, experience and the audience.  Longevity brings the station’s already loyal listeners.  Experience means that they know how to implement advertising easily and effectively. Audience means they have a method to gather exact demographics of their listeners and measure audience size.

  1. When deciding metric measurements with the digital broadcast section of terrestrial radio discern what metrics you are getting. Internet radio audience measurement is NOT website hits. Internet listeners come from the streaming server. Make sure that you get a breakdown per exact station and not just overall sessions that are for the entire empire. A well-established internet radio station has them and you’d be surprised at how many more listeners they do have. Check it out for yourself.

So next time you are making a decision on where to place your advertising dollars, step out of your comfort zone. Why not put a little bit of your budget towards trying Internet Talk Radio - the Ugly Duckling who is now a Swan and swimming strong. has been swimming strong for a long time now – why not try us?

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Monday, March 26, 2012

HealthyLife.Net Radio – Back In Time Capsule - 2003

HealthyLife.Net Radio Network 2002-2012
10 years of Positive Talk

Back into the Time Capsule: 2003

With 3 months of Network Beta testing completed, in January 2003 we started other radio hosts with eclectic topics not found on traditional radio stations. Some of our new hosts included Raw Food Maven Elysa Markowitz, noted Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Gloria Gilbere and Golden Globe Winner, Academy Award nominee Sally Kirkland – who are all still with us today.

Our many guests were great too. We had Jean Houston’s dog sing opera on air to Stephanie Miller’s comic antics gracing our air waves.

In its infancy stage our show topics included natural health, business, spirituality and the paranormal. Even though internet radio was still new and most people didn’t even know what it was we managed to glean 589,787 listeners for the year.

We added a chat room and live call-ins to our shows and by the end of the year we had to move our studio to a larger location. We added more equipment, more hosts wanted to come on air and we were getting more listeners. It was time to take the next step…

More next month when we go…Back into the Time Capsule: 2004