Saturday, April 17, 2010

The End is Near for Europe?

by Linda Mackenzie
Most Traditional News Media are claiming gloom and doom with the Iceland volacano eruption. They remind me of the guy with the sign saying 'The End is Near!'

When you're on the street walking past this guy do you pay him any attention?

Some scientists say that the destination and duration of the volcanic plume depends primarily on wind and weather. The plume should get washed away by rain as it drifts eastward. Already airports are re-opening in Europe.

Having worked with major airlines for 18 years, with both domestic U.S. and worldwide carriers, I can say with validity that airlines know what they are doing when it comes to flying. They will not take risks with lives and will get "back to business" as soon as they possibly can.

HRN News@7 predicts that although this volcanic eruption is inconvenient and will have a minimal economic fallout, most things will be back to normal in a few days, albeit Iceland may have a little housekeeping to do.

HealthyLife.Net News@7's motto: Insight not Incite.

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