Tuesday, December 7, 2010


By Daena Smoller

As a radio field journalist for HealthyLife.net, I have the fantastic opportunity to cover a variety of events. One such recent blogger excursion for me was the 2010 SILVERMAN Triathlon in Southern Nevada.

SILVERMAN is hailed as the most challenging triathlon in the United States. And it’s not even a qualifying competition so no doubt, these triathlon participants are competing in SILVERMAN for the sheer thrill of it and a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction.

Needless to say and as I’m sure anyone would expect me to do, I had it in mind that I would write a terrific article about this grueling competition that in full, encompassed a mind-blowing 2.4 mile open water swim in a chilly mountain lake, followed by a 112 mile bike ride through the breath-taking, rugged and totally unforgiving mountain / desert terrain of the 1.5 million acre Lake Mead National Recreation Area (the nation’s first national recreation area, 1964) and an exigent 26.2 mile run.

However, my best intentions of writing a sports-minded article literally exploded into a billion little pieces when I arrived on-site during the day of SILVERMAN registration. Why? Because this was a single woman’s WONDERLAND! Thousands of hard male bodies were everywhere with the majority clad in colorful spandex suitable for long bike rides that truly eliminates any real work for the imagination. Simply put, no “easy-fit” jeans being sported here!

So here’s what I'd really like to share about covering SILVERMAN:

To those women searching out a cool means of meeting men outside of traditional ‘meat’ markets, consider planning your next vacation around a competitive event such as SILVERMAN. But don’t attend just as a spectator, volunteer! Sure! You can volunteer at most competitions like assisting with registration (a perfect opportunity introductory face-to-face time) or volunteer at an AID station (physical contact may actually occur while a biker or runner is reaching out to grab the bottle of water or other sustenance that you’re offering). And don’t forget to take advantage of attending the additional events surrounding the competition, too (great opportunity to show off your social skills).

If you need motivation, check out these photos of the awe-inspiring landscapes and of course, some of the fine competitors of SILVERMAN 2010, HERE.

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