Monday, January 16, 2012

HealthyLife.Net Radio - Back In the Time Capsule

HealthyLife.Net Radio Network (2002-2012)

Celebrating 10 years of Positive Talk

Back into the Time Capsule: 2001

In September 2001, realizing that local radio stations and quality non-sensationalistic information was becoming practically nonexistent, Linda Mackenzie, an 18 year former data com engineer and 8 year terrestrial radio host, started looking for a solution. Her own all positive radio show was getting record listeners since first day of inception. She was getting 36-42 calls from listeners in the 40 minutes she opened the show up to callers.

Although she had tried for years to get her show syndicated and did with Wisdom Radio and PAX radio, major terrestrial radio stations did want to touch a positive show. They seemed to thrive on controversy and sensationalistic content designed to shock people.

So she planned for a year to see if it was feasible to start her own network – one with all positive talk that helped to eliminate fear instead of manifesting it. The internet was in its infancy and streaming media was not really main stream. In fact, few people knew of it.

She wanted to follow the template of terrestrial radio and so with her data com background and previous radio experience she went out to find the best software, equipment, streaming media, encoders, and all the myriad technical pieces and parts that make a radio station. She then found out about FCC and copyright rules; audio processing; personnel responsibilities and requirements and everything that made a terrestrial station work.

Realizing that that not ‘just talking on air doth a radio host make’ she understood that talented, seasoned radio hosts were needed to cull the listeners and keep them engaged. So she had to make a plan that included getting great talent, as well as, the listeners.

And she researched and planned and planned and planned…until…

More next month when we go…Back into the Time Capsule: 2002

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