Monday, January 19, 2015

Dr. Andy McCabe: I Dare You To Live a Positive Life

by Debbi Dachinger, Dare To Dream Radio Host, Wed. 11am PT

I recently interviewed Dr. Andy McCabe featured host, of Autism w/Dr. Andy on  We had a brilliant conversation. I dare you to accept Andy's dare!
Debbi: What is the greatest lesson you've learned?

Andy: Most of what I worry about doesn't matter. What matters is whether or not I am kind to others and also, kind to myself. Kindness can also mean telling others, or myself, something they, or I, don't want to hear that is true.
Debbi: What is something you are deeply grateful for?

Andy:  I am deeply grateful for the mind God has given me. It's my playground and the ultimate toy. I can create a new story every day, if I wish to. I can make things happen that will benefit others and, in the process, enjoy myself. I can use my mind to wade through the complexities of life and, in my own way, find my way.

Debbi: What do I do to keep my life positive?

Andy:  I remind myself on a daily basis of some advice given to me by my Uncle Jack, fondly known as Jake the Fake. Jake was a lovable con man. One day he said to me, "Andy, nothing is on the level! You may not understand what I mean now, but as you get older, you will!" So, what I do to keep myself positive is to remember that life isn't fair and don't expect it to be. However, the joy is in fully participating in the process. We get a big book of tickets for the carnival ride of life and we decide whether to use them or not. I want to use all mine and ask for another book!

Debbi: If you could dare listeners to do something, what would it be?

Andy:  Think of their most life enhancing dream that they would love to have happen. The only requirement is that in some way the dream frightens them. I don't mean something that is life threatening, immoral or illegal but rather, something that makes their heart beat faster and could potentially bring them a sense of joy or fulfillment. Write it down. Take responsibility. Make a plan. Visualize it happening many times during the day. Take action on a daily basis.

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