Monday, November 9, 2009

Don't Miss the GREEN SERIES on

HEALTHYLIFE.Net, the all positive radio network on the Internet, has some very hip linear scheduling. For example on Mondays at 8 am PST, you can catch one of four shows featured in the radio network's GREEN SERIES.

And yes, you guess it correctly, each one of the four shows features information to help you "go green" on more levels than you may have thought before.

Every first Monday of the month, the GREEN SERIES features Susun Weeds' GREEN BLESSINGS show during which you'll be introduced to the wise woman ways of herbal and plant-based healing. And Ms. Weeds knows her stuff! She began studying herbal medicine in 1965, has authored several books and continues to write for many magazines and journals. Her Wise Woman Center keeps her quite busy as does her international teaching through many different venues from medical schools to shamanic training centers. Coming up on November 2, you can catch her new show in the series entitled, "IS VANILLA VAIN?".

The second Monday of the month features THE DR. PAT SHOW hosted by none other than Dr. Pat Bacilli whose focus is to provide you with a no-nonsense approach for a rewarding 'green' and healthy life. And no doubt she can because Dr. Pat is a human potential expert plus an award-winning radio host. And the bonus? She interviews all types of fascinating experts. So tune in and absorb the information that will help you thrive!

Every third Monday, you'll hang out with Dave Egbert during his show, LIVING GREEN LIVE. Dave is the host of TV's GARDEN TRAVELS and within this green radio show, Dave can help us all embrace sustainable solutions for our everyday lives with real-time advice. He'll tell you what you want to know - everything from growing backyard veggies and growing a healthy family to saving money and saving the planet. And Dave Egbert sprinkles his show with great insight - from urban farmers to globally-conscious celebrities.

The fourth Monday of each month presents an awesome hour of thoughtful perspectives on conscious green living during BLUE PLANET ALMANAC with Mike Austin. Whether Mike is guiding you through engaging expert interviews, breaking news or product reviews, you're sure to feel your sense of social responsibility and embrace green living because Mike Austin will open both your mind and heart to the possibilities of truly conscious living and sustainability.

There's no doubt you're going to gain a lot of perspective and usable knowledge through HEALTHYLIFE.Net's GREEN SERIES. So I suggest you visit for more information on this and the network's other Specialty Series including:


And remember, you can call in live to many of the shows and actually participate! Here are the numbers:
310.371.5444 or

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