Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Linda Mackenzie's Away...Daena Smoller Comes Out to Play

HEALTHYLIFE.Net, the stellar model for all-positive talk programming on the Internet, is a vast road map available exclusively for you, providing a wealth of information and instruction for positive growth and improvement with a healthy dash of entertainment. Right now, the lovely and talented HEALTHYLIFE.NET owner and GM Linda Mackenzie (also an amazing network show-host) is busy under the beautiful Southern California sun, so I'm sneaking into the HEALTHYLIFE.Net blog to help keep you updated on some totally cool things that no doubt, you'll be excited to know!

Did you know that the fabulous actress Dee Wallace (with over 100 credits to her name including E.T., 10 and The Frighteners...some of my personal favorites), is HEALTHYLIFE.Net host? Her show, CONSCIOUS CREATION can be heard every fourth Monday of the month on HEALTHYLIFE.Net at 9:00 am PST. And on November 6th, Dee and a plethora of her fans and fellow healers, will depart on a fabulous cruise to Baja! Participants will work with healers (Dee is a healer too!) who specialize in a wide range of healing abilities.

So if you didn't know about this "CRUISE & SCHMOOZ with DEE" and are thinking to yourself that you would have loved to speak with Dee live and in person, you still can! Mark you calendar for the fourth Monday of this month for Dee's next show on HEALTHYLIFE.Net and be sure to give her a call LIVE at 800.555.5453 or 310.371.5444.

If you're now thinking, that's pretty cool about Dee Wallace, but just who is this person writing? Read below.

Daena Smoller began her career in the early 1980s as a commercial copywriter and producer, moving into documentary and television producing in 1997. Daena won both a TELLY Award and the 2002 Screamfest International Film Festival & Screenplay Competition Best Horror Documentary Award for her first efforts as co-creator and co-executive producer of the 1999 ISPR INVESTIGATES Series, in which she also appeared on-screen. Making close to 50 television appearances in the U.S. and abroad from E! Entertainment to Cinematic Report in Japan, Daena also worked on the creation and development of high-profile entertainment promotions and sweepstakes with movie studios and entertainment entities like SONY Pictures, MGM, DREAMWORKS, RYSHER Entertainment, COLUMBIA TRISTAR and FYE. Daena wore producer and location manager hats for 12 years in Hollywood for commercials, documentaries, television series and major motion pictures. Her current documentary, set to be shot in and around New Orleans, is in pre-production. Active with the New Orleans CVB and other NOLA tourism and hospitality entities post-Katrina, Daena is also a celebrity blogger of paranormal matters for and is learning how to master her Twitter page.

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