Tuesday, March 9, 2010


In February of 2008, I flew from Los Angeles to New Orleans and as I was walking through the airport along with others from the same plane, I turned around and caught a glimpse of a good looking man. Well, “gorgeous” is what I actually thought. He looked kind of familiar but I was focused on getting outside to meet my ride.

I exited the airport and was pretty much alone until two men exited and stood about ten feet away from me. I turned to look, the same as one turns to look at the driver of the next car while waiting for a red light to change to green, and the ‘gorgeous’ man was one of the two. Within another couple of seconds, I realized who it was.

So I fumbled for a piece of paper and a pen and walked over to the ‘gorgeous’ man and asked him for his autograph. I don’t think he was really in the mood to meet and greet fans, but he proved himself as gracious as he was good looking, took my paper and pen and asked to whom he should make out the autograph. And that’s when I unintentionally pulled a “classic star-struck Daena Smoller”… my mouth went all dry from excited nerves and I actually had to think before I could remember and offer my name!

This past Sunday night, I was thrilled to see that the gorgeous man, JEFF BRIDGES, won the BEST ACTOR OSCAR for CRAZY HEART!

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