Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HealthyLife.Net thru RadioTime on BMW In-Car Radio

BMW’s MINI has integrated the RadioTime web radio service (and HealthyLife.Net Radio is simulcast 24/7 on RadioTime) into its MINI Connected option. The Mini Connected system will be available in the 2011 BMW Mini Countryman and additional models will be coming out with it this later this year.

According to RadioTime the MINI Connected option features a web radio function based on the RadioTime directory that leverages the iPhone’s Internet connection via a USB port and then uses the audio and infotainment system to tune to thousands of Internet-only and AM/FM radio stations, like HealthyLife.Net, worldwide. This is a safer and easier way to access Internet Radio while driving.

“Drivers love radio because it’s free and requires no registration or setup, but accessing Internet radio used to require patching a smartphone into a car’s existing sound system, and fiddling with a smartphone’s controls,” said Bill Moore, CEO, RadioTime. “Now, instead of looking at your smartphone screen, you can use the dash display and MINI Joystick to tune to web radio. Radio has always been an integral part of our cars, and we’re opening up the world of music, news, talk, sports and entertainment that only web radio can offer.”

A driver can tune into HealthyLife.Net Radio and other web radio stations airing anywhere in the world, regardless of the driver's current location. However, it does depend on the driver's Internet connection and network coverage.

In addition to being in cars through allows HealthyLife.Net RadioNetwork to be available on many smartphones. All you have to do is download an App (many are free such as and search for Radio and you can listen to HealthyLife.Net's all positive news and talk 24/7 from your smartphone. These are some of Apps that supports through's directory...

Apps for the iPhone: TuneIn Radio --TimeTuner--Spark--Radioshift Touch--WunderRadio --and Ministry of Sound

Apps for the Android: RadioTime

Apps for the Blackberry: WunderRadio--Radio Companion

Nokia:Nokia has selected RadioTime to power their internet radio handset application.

Apps for Windows Mobile: WunderRadio-- RadioTime Loyal Listeners and Growing New Listeners...How COOL is That!

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