Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bette Midler and Christine Applegate Interview On HealthyLife.Net Radio

I know it's summer but the Arts and Entertainment Super Segment airing on HRN News@7 is getting hotter! Gayl Murphy just joined the News Team as a Reporter and she's starting off her 1st segment Friday July 23 with an interview with Bette Midler. Tune in at 7am PT with a rerun at 7pm. Plus it will be up all weekend just click the archive link at

Then tune in next Friday and listen to Gayl's interview with Christine Applegate. Who knows what this illuminating journalist reporter is going to have on next...stay tuned in to Radio Netwowrk...she's on every Friday!

Who is Gayl Murphy?

Gayl is an award winning veteran Hollywood correspondent, media expert and author who has filed showbiz stories for some of the prestigious news services in the world; ABC,BBC, E! and SKY. She has interviewed over 14,000 celebrities for TV, radio and print. Her latest book "Interview Tactics:How to Survive the Media Without Being Clobbered" is a must read for anyone dealing with the media. You can get it at

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