Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rob Reiner and Christina Applegate on HealthyLife.Net

Take a Bite of Life with Nina Boski and her show Life Bites. This week tune into Nina's interview with Director Rob Reiner Thursday 9am PT at and available on her archive page on Friday at with a rerun at 7pm. Plus it will be up all weekend just click the archive link at

Then tune Friday at HRN News@7 on and listen to Gayl Murphy's interview sith Christine Applegate. Who knows who HealthyLife.Net Radio is going to have on next...stay tuned in to Radio Netwowrk...she's on every Friday!

Who is Nina Boski?

Nina is a former terrestrial radio talk show host & top market DJ, as well as a TV correspondent. She has appeared on the Hallmark Channel, WE as well as other networks. Nina works with individuals to help transform their lives and is known as the "Energy Coach" who owns her own lifestyle company, called LifeBites. Tune in and take a bite!

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