Monday, September 8, 2014

Sharon McRill: I Dare You: To Live a Positive Life

by Debbi Dachinger, Dare To Dream Radio Host, Wed. 11am PT

I recently interviewed Sharon McRill, from the GET READY WITH BETTY radio show on We had a brilliant conversation. I dare you to accept Sharon's dare and join Sharon and her guests to discover how to simplify and improve your life - physically, mentally and spiritually. Sharon is the Founder and owner of the Betty Brigade, a personal assistance and concierge company located in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Debbi:       What is the greatest lesson you've learned?

Sharon:      That Love is everywhere you look for it.

Debbi:       What is something you are deeply grateful for?

Sharon:       I'm so grateful for the support of the people around me every day.

Debbi:       What's the most important thing you do (or be) to keep your life positive?

Sharon:      Meditate and stay grateful.

Debbi:       If you could DARE the listeners to do anything to create positive change what do you dare them to do today?

Sharon:      Do something that makes you uncomfortable today and pick something else uncomfortable next week...examine how doing that makes you grow.

Listen to Sharon's Show: GET READY WITH BETTY Wed. 8am PT, Encore: 8 pm PT

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