Monday, December 29, 2014

Risa Feldman: I Dare You To Live a Positive Life

by Debbi Dachinger, Dare To Dream Radio Host, Wed. 11am PT

I recently interviewed Risa Feldman from the Risa's RoundTable show on We had a brilliant conversation - see how this influences you. I dare you to take Risa's dare!

Debbi: What is the greatest lesson you've learned?

Risa: The greatest lesson I have learned in my life is to not fight what the universe has in store as hokey as it may sound.  There are times when you need to rise to the occasion and go above and beyond efforts to make things happen.  However, if at every turn you seem to keep hitting walls - I
have learned to stop and pivot.  Maybe there is a better way of looking at the situation, or of attaining what you seek. Or maybe it's not meant to happen.  The term just "Go with the Flow"  I try and follow as much as I can. 

Debbi: What is something you are deeply grateful for?

Risa: I am deeply grateful for the opportunities I have had in my life. Whether the opportunities were ones offered to me, or ones that I sought out on my own, they all have come with valued experiences that have molded me into the person I am.

Debbi: What's the most important thing you do to keep your life positive?

Risa:  The most important thing I do to keep my life positive is spending time in nature. Whether a walk on the beach, a hike in the mountains, watching a sunset or walking my dog down a tree lined street - I always breathe deeper and slower when I am in a setting that brings tranquility and beauty.

Debbi: If you could DARE the listeners to do anything that will create positive change for them, what would you dare them to do today?

Risa: I would DARE listeners to try and experience life outside their comfort zone every once in a while. Whatever that may be. Trying a new restaurant/dish. Buying a new piece of furniture or piece of art. Watching a movie in a genre they are not used to watching. Everyone falls into routine - but to be aware of it and make sure we don't get too "stuck"  is important. Allow yourself to LIVE, LEARN and TRY!

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