Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Be A Great Radio Guest: Communication & Respect

by Debbi Dachinger

When you link up with anyone connected to a radio show, remember you are building relationships. Treat all communications with care. How you treat everyone leading up, during and after your radio interview can create more positive connections and work for you afterwards.  When the radio folks see that you’re a professional, do a good job and think well of you, they potentially will ask you to come back or recommend you to their colleagues.

All radio hosts are different and have different requirements so listen carefully and provide your materials to the appropriate host/producer/station by the specific date as directed. If you’re an author, or you’re sharing audios, DVDs, etc. be sure to get them to the radio station by the specific date requested. Earlier is better than later. Be considerate and honor the host, their team, and their time

Be responsible and ensure all your materials are what they asked for and are put together professionally. The material you send them should be what they requested.  However, here is short list that may help if they just say 'send me your stuff'.

You'll need a press kit which includes:  
1) A short, to the point cover letter that gives the idea or topic you want to talk about.
2) Your bio, preferably with your picture.
3) If you are an author, also includes a galley or regular copy of your book.
Nice to haves:
4) Copies of book reviews, press releases, articles about you
5)  If you have a book or product send a catalog sheet which is a one page sheet that includes a picture of the book cover/product, the price, benefits and features, advertising info, publicity and promotions plans and  distribution avenues on where they can purchase.
6) Your schedule of appearances and...
7) Sample questions. Why? Because some hosts may not want or have the time to formulate them and it helps make their job easier.

In addition, sometimes a small inexpensive reminder item, related to your topic, can do wonders. For example, if you're sending them a book provide a great book marker with your book's name and picture on it or if you're talking about cutting taxes send them an envelope opener with your name/company name printed on it. Remember be creative!

Debbi Dachinger is a popular radio and TV media personality and guest, a speaker, a multi-book and sought after media coach. Debbi  has the fun, cutting-edge talk radio show 'Dare To Dream' broadcasting every Wednesday at 11am PT on

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