Wednesday, March 18, 2015 Radio 'ZAPS THE APP' with 'No App' Listening, Shows and Web Design Radio Network ( is excited to announce that with a click of a button, on its newly designed website, 'NO APP' listening for smartphones, tablets, Wifi and other devices is available for its long-running/new radio shows.

Since 2002 Radio, a pioneer and leader in internet broadcasting, has been bending radio traditions in futuristic and innovative ways. Starting with providing 'only positive programs' and the positive news broadcast HRN News@7 to now streaming to almost all types of devices direct from its website without needing a downloadable APP. Unlike BBC 's streaming upgrade experience,'s policy of 'no listener left behind' continues to provide listening for its existing Windows Media/Silverlight audience. For those who want an APP or the occasional device where listening cannot be accessed, audiences can listen via the free TuneIn App or website.

Internet radio's actual audience measurement is by streaming server statistics, not website statistics. has over 62 - 24/7 syndicated/simulcast distribution channels. Yet each channel looks like 1 listener to the streaming server, though the stream may be going to hundreds of thousands of listeners. Few distribution channels give their listener counts to's new stream not only gleans more actual listener counts for its advertisers but, further expand its reach to even more distribution channels that allow the new format.

"We were due for a change. Hopefully the cleaner look of our website, along with the easier method to access our programs will please our listeners." states Linda Mackenzie Founder/GM of "As for our advertisers the increase in valid multi-device audience statistics through 3rd party analysis should please them too."

As Spring 2015 brings forth new life,'s brings a Spring line-up of new shows and segments like HRN News@7 Marijuana State Report with bond broker Barbara Southworth and the Arts & Entertainment Segment with Mike Hixon. Tune in to Jay Cruz's Backbeat Radio for music news and interviews,  Allen Knight's Knight Talk Live,  Marriage Works with Cathy Chambliss, the Miriam Knight Show and discover beauty secrets and trends on Patty Schmucker's American Made Beauty. All of's 168 weekly programs provide a fertile planting ground for advertisers placing ads this Spring.

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