Monday, April 13, 2015

Your Book on Radio

Radio talk shows need interesting guests to attract listeners and viewers. Authors are interesting people. So if you have a book then radio shows should definitely be considered for your interview possibilities.  What's in it for you aside from book publicity?  Well, if you do a good job the general public will think that you are an expert. Did you know that 94% of guests authors do not already have a recognizable names - so chances are you can get that interview if your book topic appeals to the producers or hosts.

Here are some more reasons why you should do radio talk shows to promote yourself and your book:
1. Most radio interviews can be done by telephone, with no travel required.
2. Most interviews are live, and allow for Q & A from the listeners.
3. Interviews about you and your book range from 5-60 minutes.
4. A guest can usually give out contact and place of purchase information.
5. It is an amazing and enlightening medium that reaches a lot of people.

If you are available to do media interviews to promote your book, always remember that while you are there to promote yourself and your book, you must also provide informative and entertaining content for the radio audience. Talk show hosts will seldom invite you back if you do not first have their audience in mind. In other words...your book may help you get the interview but during the interview you must have something interesting to say that is unique and/or fascinating. Lastly, enjoy being on radio! It is a fun and enlightening experience...and you might even sell those books!

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