Monday, January 11, 2016

State of the Media: How America Listens to Radio

Radio, one of the 1st in original mass media, continues to play a big part in the lives of Americans everywhere-with 245 million Americans listening weekly of which194 million tune in through digital internet radio. That means more than 91% of Americans (age 12 or older) tune in each week.

In today's rapidly evolving world of consumer choice and technological advancement, audio becomes an even more integral part of our lives. Internet Radio is a trusted companion all throughout the day and not just in 'drive time' like traditional radio. Although traditional radio has taken away local radio in the U.S., internet radio networks like have integrated local based radio into their program schedules. This gives their local community a voice and a specified audience.

For advertisers, radio delivers a mass audience in real-time across markets large and  small that is highly qualified; Radio also delivers the advertisers message after real-time delivery with on demand listening and podcast downloads. The vast majority of radio listeners are in the workforce and with Internet Radio they listen at work. More than three quarters of the national adult audience works full or part time during the week.

How Big Is Radio's Reach?

It's no secret, radio's reach is unprecedented. According to the recent All Access Q2 2015 Audio Today Report 245 million Americans aged 12 years old and older tuned to radio during an average week. However, while the bigger markets often grab the headlines, small and medium markets are still viable because you can reach them all at the same time on Internet Radio which goes beyond the traditional radio 50 -500 watt footprint to cover local, national and the world.

The report also noted that the majority of consumers in these markets are connecting to the radio and spending a lot of time listening as well. More than 86% of consumers tune in during the week and spend more than 15 hours of their media time with radio.

However, here's a tip... remember in advertising it is not how many people you reach, it's how many times you reach the same person - and with's 14 year loyal and growing audience, as a advertiser, you are always maximizing your reach. To see how a ad can help you - email:

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