Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Law of Attraction. Hmmm...

What pompous, egotistical creatures we are becoming. We are exposed to one Law of the Universe, “Like Attracts Like,” and think we can use this ONE Law to create and control everything around us…to bring in abundance, create a great life, find our soul mate, stop every illness, etc., etc., etc.

“Like Attracts Like” is a powerful law of the Universe and it has weight in helping us to manifest what we want, BUT it is not the “Be all, End all” trick to creation. There are other universal laws and other energy fields that comprise creation too.

Again… and again… and yet again, this species of Man always wants to control, change, manipulate and have power over things. We mask it by saying we are trying to understand the Universe, we’re learning about the world around us, it’s part of our growth to spirituality…or perhaps, just perhaps, it masks an even deeper fear - that we are NOT EVER going to be totally in control of everything and we can’t avoid death and the unknown.

It is completely absurd to think that we are not part of a greater scheme of things. We are all intricately connected as a collective whole. This is based upon another Universal Law know as the “Law of Oneness” a.k.a. the “Law of Unification.” Since we are all intertwined as one - that means there are many things, on many levels, that affect how we look, think, and feel. It also means that all these collective energy fields DO have an affect on what we can truly manifest.

We are individual spirit essences combined together, yet each one unique. Every thing vibrating in its own frequency (another Universal Law called the “Law of Vibration.”) where we each bring something special to the existence of us all AND all energies collectively affect each other. So it makes more sense that the more energy and laws we can master, adhere to and combine, the better our chance for manifesting what we want. However there are 11 Universal Laws and 11 sub-laws that I’ve discovered in my life time and I’m sure there are more. Whew! What a task to manifest just one thing! But what if instead of trying to manifest things for our ego, that we “Just Be” and live positively in the moment letting God direct and just waiting for the synchronicity of the moment, then acting. This seems a lot easier to me than wasting energy trying to create something for the ME.

Let’s stop and think for a moment …What if everything - JUST IS. What if you went through life living in the moment just being happy, joyful and grateful to exist in this Moment? Wouldn’t this bring you freedom? Couldn’t this add more joyful moments to your life? Just the time you save from fretting about, the past and worrying about the future and trying to get what you want would give you more time to enjoy the life that is.

Now let’s take this a step further…what if in every moment you were exactly in the right place where you are meant to be? Imagine that no matter where you are or what you are doing or even how you are feeling, you are always provided for and taken care of – NO MATTER WHAT. How’s that for a joyful thought! Rather freeing isn’t it. That should take away your worry, which is a truly wasted form of emotion AND energy that provides no other outcome than to keep you stuck. How do you manifest belief in this – develop complete trust in what you call God – and enjoy the ride of life.

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