Thursday, September 3, 2009

AD HYPE? Trust Your Truth Meter

Everyday each average American is bombarded by 3000 ads. Yup, 3000 ads a day, per person! We could get cross-eyed with all that information but instead we just tune them out.

As each ad tries to influence us, they pass through our minds like quicksilver numbing our trust factor to everything due to sheer overload. And then with so many goods and services out there, when we do go to buy the subconscious influence of these ads, the way we personally view money, society, and our upbringing all come into play in our buying decision process.

However, each human being is an intricate, unique organism. Many of us do not know that within that organism is a fail-safe, never fail mechanism that always allows us to make the right decision 100% of the time. I call this mechanism the ‘Truth Meter’. Within us since birth. The Truth Meter has nothing to do with analytical ability, thoughts, or anything to do with the mind at all. It is not based from nor reflects what someone teaches us, what society dictates nor even our upbringing. It’s greater than that!

Our own unique Truth Meter is the actual knowing or feeling of what is right for you BEFORE you give it to your mind to work out. It’s the truth of your gut-feel, inner knowing or inner voice.
We all know real truth when we hear it or see it. Even if we deny truth, once a truth is heard it has a habit of nagging you until you accept it. When you use your mind to justify or analyze truth that is when you are open to making a mistake. If you trust your truth meter it is infallible.

In the case of ads, many of them are filled with hype and are there to stir your emotions – so trust your truth meter. If an ad captures your attention and you’re considering buying then trust your FIRST gut feel. Make sure you’re not coming from ego or your emotions so you can filter out the hype.

If you are unsure about buying – don’t buy. If you’re meant to buy the product or service, the same message will probably come up again and again providing you the clarity on whether to buy or not.

Sometimes you will be attracted to an ad because the essence or part of the ad is trying to send you a message that may help you discover something that may help you in your life. However, it may not mean you should buy that particular product or service. Only when you feel 100% sure with your Trust Meter should you take the action to actually buy.

Ads are made to stir your emotions to buy, but they do serve another function of providing you knowledge of what is out there. Not every ad is right for every person. So when you find yourself tuning out from ad overload, don’t worry, you are probably not meant to hear them anyway. You always get what you need, no matter what, which may be different from what you want. You can always buy right when you use your truth meter.

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