Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Cool Down Your pets Quickly

By Wendy Nan Rees - Radio Host of Wendy's Animal Talk
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· Important Signs to Recognize When Your Pet Is Getting Overheated: Dogs and cats do not sweat like us, they pant to cool themselves off. If they get too hot you must step in and help.
· Watch Their Tongue. If it becomes swollen and hanging out, it's time to take action.
· Take Your Pet To Water. Put them in a cool bath or take the garden hose and run cool water under their belly to cool them off fast.
· Use Alcohol On A Cotton Pad To Wipe Down Their Paws. This will help cool them down fast. Do not use alcohol on their body!!!
· Offer Them Water. If a dog or cat is too hot, they will not drink so this is where I will use a Pupsicle, to invite them to drink. Please be sure to wet them down at the same time. (If they are overheated they need all the help you can give them).
· If Your Pet Is Not Getting Cooler. It may be time to call your vet and take them in.
· Never Leave Your Pet In The Car. A car heats up 10 times hotter than the air outside—and can be disastrous for your pet.

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