Monday, December 21, 2009


By Daena Smoller

I just learned this bit of information and I'm so excited to pass it on to you!

There is an organization in the United States called Cleaning for a Reason, and can be found at Here's what it's for and how it works: Any woman who is currently undergoing chemotherapy can sign up at the website and have her doctor fax a note confirming her treatment. Cleaning for a Reason then contracts a participating maid service in the patient's zip code and arranges for house cleaning service one time per month for four months during the cancer treatment time frame...and it's absolutely FREE.

There are 547 partner cleaning services across the country that work with Cleaning for a Reason in an effort to help those women undergoing chemotherapy. Please be sure to pass this information along to any woman who may need this service. And while you do so, please bookmark the Breast Cancer Site at and your daily click helps provide early breast cancer detection to women in need.

I wish these services were around when my mom was first diagnosed with breast cancer back in the late 1970s. However, during her second bout with cancer, she discovered the work of Dr. Bernie Siegel and if I remember correctly, she had the opportunity to converse with him. She even headed up a cancer support group as an offshoot of Dr. Siegel's work because that's the kind of woman that she was; one that supported all kinds of people regardless of what she may have been dealing with herself.

My mom said wonderful things about Dr. Siegel, probably because of a shared philosophy which is to take control and responsibility for your own healing. If you haven't discovered Dr. Bernie Siegel, you can do so the first Tuesday of every month on Dr. Bernie Siegel's show, MIND HEALTH MATTERS, is part of's Visionary Series. And of course, check the for options on how to listen to all of Dr. Siegel's archived shows.

And while on the subject of health, you may also want to check out Jonathan Goldman's show, THE HEALING SOUNDS SHOW, which airs the second Wednesday of the month, part of the's Harmony Series. Jonathan Goldman focuses on the healing power of sounds which can help your life on multiple levels.

And of course that brings me to my very good friend, Linda Mackenzie who hosts THE LINDA MACKENZIE SHOW (formerly known as Creative Health & Spirit). Her show is a trip and I know first hand because I filled in as a board operator during the first couple of years after the launch of She has interesting guests and focuses on fabulous health and awareness information and even provides some free energy readings. Linda Mackenzie loves to take calls from her audience so be sure to call'll have a great time!

And coming up on January 4th, it's the launch of NEWS @ 7, exclusively on It's the positive news served straight with no fear factors, anchored by broadcasting veterans. NEWS @ 7 will revolutionize news...something that hasn't been accomplished in 50 years! So mark your calendars and get ready for "7" on!

In the meantime, have a HEALTHY HOLIDAY SEASON!

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