Friday, December 4, 2009

What is '7' ?

Pythagoras says that ‘7’ is comprised of male and female energy–positive energy for all genders starts Jan 4 on

The big bad wolf can't blow down ‘7’

‘7’ becomes your favorite number January 4th

Anything on ‘7’ has to be good...exclusively on
beginning January 4th

‘7’ is positively good

Experience 'straight up' in a whole new way. ‘7’ begins January
4th on

7 sheets to the wind? Get grounded at ‘7’ Jan 4

‘7’ has never been so good...coming to January 4th

An informed mind takes you farther...‘7’ begins 1.4.2010 on

Good news does a body good...‘7’ begins 1.4.2010 on

…Count Down 32 Days

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