Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Lesson in Geography and Football

By Daena Smoller

I was at a party this past Sunday to watch the football game; the New Orleans Saints vs the Washington Redskins. Now I have never been a football fan, ever, until this season. Since I'm currently hanging out in New Orleans and the city is going crazy over the Saints as they make it closer to the Super Bowl, it's hard not to get swept up in the Saints frenzy.

So before the game, there's the pre-game show (hey, it was new to me!). During this time, a female reporter (or is she a sportscaster?) was interviewing players. Following her interview, this guy sitting near me at the football party launched into a half-serious tirade about women being involved in sports broadcasting. Of course, he was completely against it and since he had caught my attention, he focused the remainder of his tirade to me.

Then he really blew me away when he asked me, "who are the Saints playing?" I immediately responded with "Redskins" then pulled the neck of my shirt out a bit, pretended to survey my own chest and continued with "gee, do you believe it was female that had to clue you in?"

But the guy continued with "oh, Redskins, D.C." and I responded, "no, there are no football teams in D.C. - it's Washington State!" He agreed.

After the Saints won in overtime making them 12 - 0, I called my dad. I ran down the list of events from the previous week that I wanted share and then told him about this guy at the football party who initially threw a chauvinistic tantrum and our exchange. Of course, I put more emphasis on what an idiot this guy was to think that Redskins were from D.C. My dad started laughing...really, really hard. And when he could finally catch his breath, my dad, the physicist with a genius I.Q. kindly clued me in to the fact that the Redskins were indeed, a Washington D.C. team. So without missing more than a couple beats, I responded, "well, what a super idiot this guy is for listening to a girl!" I endured my dad laughing non-stop for another twenty minutes.

So you're probably reading this and wondering WHY in the world am I sharing this story with you. Well, there is a point. Information is usually only as good as the source of announcement so you totally want to make sure that your source is reliable and trustworthy. And that's one of the key reasons why millions of people around the world listen to a wide array of programming on HealthyLife.net. Whether its for mind-body-spirit information, entertainment, green matters and of course, sports, you can count on HealthyLife.net covering it all, straight.

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