Sunday, January 3, 2010


It's no wonder that Linda Mackenzie, the first woman to design the all-positive talk internet radio network makes yet another mark on the listening world. Tomorrow, January 4, 2010, the more than 3 million listeners in 108 countries world-wide will have the upbeat opportunity to compliment their weekdays with the first all-positive newscast. NEWS@7, the first innovation to news format in over 50 years, broadcasts Monday through Friday at both 7am and 7pm PT complete with the news listeners crave minus the standard negativity. From national and international coverage, business, money matters and of course, sports, NEWS@7 covers it all with respected veteran broadcasters plus a bonus: each day’s newscast features a SUPER SEGMENT focusing on rotating topics of mass interest including
Health Science and Technology, Environment and Entertainment.

According to creator and General Manager Linda Mackenzie, “It all began with a divine inspiration years ago to relay the facts without the fear. Since then it’s been my personal goal to innovate news broadcasting
eliminating all propaganda, fear tactics or skewed political views. The Internet is emerging as a prime source for news delivery and HealthyLife.Net is advancing that trend to set a new curve. It’s the top news, delivered straight up, along with amazing yet positive news stories and information that you won’t find anywhere else.”

With well-known broadcasters such as Jay Cruz, Ron Kilgore, Steve Truitt and Sally Kirkland just to name a few, Linda makes NEWS@7 even more appealing by making a socially responsible, charitable impact with the HealthyLife.Net two-fold “Give Back” Advertising Program. All advertisers in NEWS@7 are rewarded with a 10% rate discount and HealthyLife.Net generously donates 5% of the advertising fees to charitable and positive children’s organizations.

Spread the good news...NEWS @ 7, exclusively on HEALTHYLIFE.NET!

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