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Positive Airwaves - HealthyLife.Net News @ 7

Upon reflection, you’ll find it a strange journey filled with many twists and turns which leads you towards your life’s purpose to serve mankind and the planet, with the bonus of personal spiritual growth along the way. And so it was for me…

I have always been a pioneer exploring new frontiers, whether it was being the first women in datacom engineering in any airline in the world (1977-1992), owning one of the 1st used PC stores in America (1983-1985), being the 1st women Sales Manager for the largest international telecom company in the world (1992-1995), starting one of the 1st all positive radio programs (1996-Present) to being President of the 1st dietary supplement manufacturing company to supply mind-body solutions with specialty supplements and audiovisualization tapes (1999-2002).

Since I have been Psychic since I was eight years old, I knew that the supplement company was coming to an end and that I would be left in a precarious financial position. I still wanted to help the people and the planet so I prayed to God to give me an answer as to what I should do next. I was told that although I could help thousands of people alone, that I was but a pinpoint of light. God wanted me to create a Lighthouse and bring top people together so we could shine the Light out to millions of people. So in 2002, on a wing and a prayer, I started one of the 1st all positive web talk radio networks - HealthyLife.Net. We are now syndicated and simulcast 24/7 on over 26 distribution channels (including being 1 of 300 providers for Microsoft’s Windows Media player Radio Tuner) and have over 40 seasoned TV, film, radio and national lecturer radio hosts like Dr. Bernie Siegel, Lynn Andrews, and Jonathan Goldman – all helping to bring light and solutions to the planet. So far we’ve reached over 32 million listeners.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, with each job, I had slowly and methodically developed all the skills I needed to run HealthyLife.Net successfully for the long term, including the management skills of planning, implementing, supervising, directing and controlling.

One of the tricks I learned to be successful in spirit, life and business is to keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds. It is not enough just to be in Spirit, I needed to know and use the every day skills in running a business. I learned that if my business was not making money then unfortunately I had a hobby and so I had to learn about money. Both business and money do not possess emotions or ego. Running a successful business required me not only to understand this, but to act without my emotions or ego being tied to the decisions I made in and for my business.

In addition, there were so many times in my life where I could have had fame and fortune if I would have chosen to compromise the Light and my values. I walked away from starring roles in top TV shows which wanted me to fake or sensationalize my psychic abilities and being offered unbelievable monetary deals in business with dubious undertones - all that would have resulted in much money, fame and stoking my ego, but these things were not in truth, nor for the greater good of all. In each case I stood strong and refused to compromise in what I knew was right in Spirit.

With each business venture, especially with HealthyLife.Net because it is so much of the Light, there were many negative forces and negative people that showed up along the way to try to stop me. Some even told me that I could never do what I wanted to do in the way I wanted to do it. When each negative force, person or problem reared their ugly head, I persevered and found a way to go in, under or around them. I never gave up, never resorted to retribution and stood steadfast in my dream. I believed in myself, in what I was doing and was willing to do the work no matter how tough it became to realize my dream.

Even when the largest terrestrial radio company tried to steal my hosts, and another played with the security of my computer systems to try and bring down our radio stream, or when the radio industry didn’t give Healthylife.Net recognition I continued to take the path of least resistance. One-by-one the problems were resolved: the hosts didn’t leave, we installed a better security system and we were finally recognized in the radio industry with an article in Inside Radio and with multiple mentions in Radio & Records.

Two things are important to keep a business successful for the long term. One is to always stay ahead of the game, so about one-third of my time is spent in research of the radio, web and technology industry. The other is to always be innovative and bring something new to the mix. Each year in business we have added something new for our listeners: an interactive cyberspace clubhouse, a listener newsletter, a blog and social media groups.

This year we are bringing the World’s 1st all positive radio News Program called News@7 that is aired weekdays at 7am and 7pm Pacific Time. Believe me this is like starting another radio network within a network. I had to gather seasoned newscasters and reporters from KNX1070, CBS, NBC and Sirius. To avert possible copyright issues on our world, national, money matters, business and sports news we hired news editorial analysts from major current TV news programs. For our Super Segments on Healthy Living, Health, Science & Technology, Environment and Arts & Entertainment we had to hire specialized reporters. On our opinion segment we had to line up celebrities, politicians and noted experts, as well as the man (or woman) in the street. However, the most important and challenging thing about our news program is how we take current news stories and find the positive slant without the fear, skewed political views or advertiser driven content. I’ve been working on this project for two years and now after planning, implementing, supervising, directing and controlling - it is happening.

I believe that people want and need this type of news to stay connected and get the truth straight up. This should decrease the negativity on the planet just by people tuning in and creating a domino effect of the positive news we relay. Will this make a ton of money for me? This is not my top priority. My top priority is helping the people and the planet. If I totally believe in this, take the action and use good business skills then God will provide everything I need. By giving up the outcome and expectations and not putting my focus on trying to “consciously create” but instead just totally feel, know and trust that this will happen - I know I will be provided for no matter what.

Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D. (c) is Founder & General Manager of HealthyLife.Net Radio Network, award winning multi-book author, audio/video producer, lecturer, Doctoral Clinical Hypnotherapist Candidate, renowned internationally known psychic, writer and media personality who has been on hundreds of radio shows and almost all cable and network television channels including ABC, BBC, CBS, NBC, Discovery Channel, etc. She has been the owner of Creative Health & Spirit, a publishing and media company, since 1995 and has hosted The Linda Mackenzie, formerly known as Creative Health & Spirit radio show since 1996 now airing Tuesdays, 8am PST on see more here!

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