Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Full Plate in Life

If you’re like most people, life is serving you up a full plate these days. You have a lot to deal with in less time. Sometimes you may feel like there’s too much spinach on your plate. I guess that’s okay if you’re a vegetarian or you like spinach, but too much of any thing can turn you off.
Add in the serving of unstable economic times and your plate is not only full, but the table it’s resting on may be more than a little shaky.

Unfortunately most people get caught up in those every day problems that are served up, sometimes steaming hot, on their plate of life. They may even become steeped in fear, get depressed, not know what to do and feel they are alone as they stare at their overflowing plate.

That’s where can help. Our hosts are experts in their field and they are dedicated to helping you take that plate down to a lesser serving that you can handle. They cover a myriad number of topics too and you can call-in and talk to them for FREE one-on-one, mano-to-mano (or womano-to-womano as the case may be). Here are some examples on where they can help:

Business – Ralph White – Wed, 1pm PT
Cancer & Health – Bernie Siegel, MD – 1st Tue of the month, 9am PT
Dream Interpretation – Robert Moss – 2nd Tue of the month, 9am PT
Environment – Dave Egbert - 3rd Mon every month, 8am PT
Environment - Mike Austin – 4th Mon every month, 8am PT
God Based Psychic Readings – Linda Mackenzie– Tue, 8am PT
Herbs and Natural Eating – Roger Drummer – Thu, 9am PT
Kids & Spiritual Issues – Rabbi Dr. Wayne Dosick- Wed, 11am
Legal – Dr. Sheila Forman – Fri, 8am PT
Letting Go & Acceptance – Guy Finley – 3rd Tue of the month, 9am PT
Love & Dating – w/Maryanne Comaroto – Tue, 9am PT
Pets – Wendy Nan Rees – Tue 1pm PT
Relationships and Sex – Dr. Jane Greer – Tue, 11am

Plus if you have questions on addiction, natural health, natural eating, home improvement, social responsibility, real estate and more…but you can’t or don’t want to call in, you can listen to the live shows. You’ll get lots of information that can help you because that’s what we do and that’s what we’re here for. Plus you can listen to the past shows on the archives any time you want.

Tune in or call-in to and let us help you make your plate more manageable.

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