Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Close...But No Cigar!

by Jay Cruz
"Close, but no cigar." I often wondered why exactly that became such a common saying for “not winning” or “not getting the job." The Cigar is actually in some circles considered a large reward for a job well done and is a tremendous commitment to celebrating.

Each week in the NFL some Kicker misses a kick that eventually costs the team a win or loss. Sometimes the kicks are easier that others, but one thing that seems to be universal is the expectations of success. One team , the New Orleans Saints , is coming off of their Super Bowl season and is shooting for the top again, while another team , the Oakland Raiders are trying to get back to a level of respectability and return to glory. The Saints are holding try outs this week for the Kicker position while the Raiders are going to stick with their guy. Both teams lost last week due to the kicking game.

Where are you closed in your life right now? What is the key to get to the next step, or close that gap from unease to ease. Do you focus on the small but important things or have you put too much focus elsewhere? The radio hosts on radio network can help you stay open and positive and may be able to help you determine your next step and how to get there.

I heard a few mentions of Vitamin D last week and found it ironic to be reminded to get some more Sunshine as Summer was coming to a close. Cloudy Summer in the Beach Cities too. Then we get a heat wave and endured the “Hottest Day Ever”? The Heatmeister is playing with our weather. Regardless I think moderate sun and stimulation is a good thing, but I’ll wait to get my fix until the temperature is back down.

As the season changed from Summer to Fall, I realized that I hadn’t enjoyed the Summer as I normally do. A lesson to take a moment and enjoy the moment. There is a time and place for everything.

Speaking of a time and place, how about family mealtime? An overlooked traditional value that brings families closer together. In most cases we’ve let this one go with our hectic lifestyles and take out habits. Many thanks to those who have reminded us about this. I have great memories of the family meal time and have a good feeling that your children will as well. As long as you make it an important habit in your family.

If mealtime is not a reality for your family try an alternative activity. Family game night. Talent Night. Spending time together and being active. Besides if you start or reintroduce this good family habit now, it won’t seem so unusual during the holidays!

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