Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Increase Your Football Passion (even if you don't have one)

by Jay Cruz

With September and Fall comes the back to school shuffle and one more very important thing. Football. A few weeks back Dr. Sheila Foreman shared some tips and insights for listeners of the Healthylife.net News@7 who may not have a passion for the game, yet may have passion for someone who does enjoy football. Here are some handy hints for you to try this season to make Sundays more fun for all.

-- Follow a team. If you don't already have a favorite team or have become a fan by default because of your friends or family, adopt a team. Why pick a team you may ask? Just try it and see how soon you become more interested in the developments and events during the year. Many fans started to show some love to the New Orleans Saints a few years ago after Hurrican Katrina, last year's Super Bowl win was shared by many casual fans who liked the underdog Saints and the rebuilding of New Orleans. This year a few popular teams up for adoption could be the Washington Redskins with new coach Mike Shanahan and new Quarterback Donovan McNabb. Coach Shanahan comes in with a resume that includes 2 Super Bowls while McNabb was traded after a number of quality years for the Eagles. In Los Angeles where we don't have a team, many local fans are following former USC Coach Pete Carroll and his new situation with the Seattle Seahawks. By following a team or watching only their games or only watch the Sunday Night National broadcast you can also keep a limit for how much is watched by yourself and others.

-- Menu planning. If the game of the week involves a team with a regional culinary dish there you go. Use teams colors or mascots for inspiration too. Playing the Eagles, try a green chicken salad, or just do something with Philly cream cheese or a cheesesteak. Southwestern dishes if you're game is being played in Texas, Arizona, or California. Chili anyone? Clam Chowder in Sourdough Bread for a 49'er game or for the Patriots, Citrus if Miami is playing and if Tennessee plays just select your favorite Elvis Presley snack.

I think you'll be good at this one...

-- Socialize. Football is more fun to watch with a group of friends. It can also be a good way to meet new people. It can also be a way for you to get yourself more involved with your buisness or by considering some of the many ways to actually earn extra money around the games. Many restraunts will offer deals or specials during games or a special rebate if you show a ticket stub to a local game. There was a recent news story about a need to find more qualified nutrition experts in the football industry to help better feed and train players. Innovative trainers are always needed too. Just because all players run with parachute drag in practice and not just the cutting edge doesn't mean there isn't something still to find.

-- Side Hobby. I often play guitar during games because I find it to be a good use of time, especially with all of the commercials. Sometimes I will do a little work out during the games or call, text or email friends and family who live in other areas to say hello or tell them how bad their team is. Plus if you miss some action there are a number of websites and highlight shows besides our mobile phones to stay in the loop and catch up.

Don't forget that the Major League Baseball is closing in on the play-offs. For tips and ways to enjoy the season don't forget to listen to our Sports Segment near the end of the Healthylife.net News@7 Monday through Friday 7am, 7pm PT and on-demand all day.

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