Friday, July 24, 2009

Follow the Crowd - But Do It Better...

If your company isn't known, how are people going to know how to buy your product or service?

Branding is the way to accomplish this. According to a new LinkedIn/Harris Poll, the majority (92%) of advertisers are using Internet advertising followed by print advertising (88%).

HealthyLife.Net's ad packages combine Internet advertising with your click-through banner ads and Internet Radio advertising with voice ad spots - so you get a double bang of branding for your buck. In fact 26 bangs for your buck since we stream from our site and are simulcast 24/7 on 25 additional partner sites including Microsoft, WiFi, PDAs, Blackberries, private radio networks and more.

It's true that radio advertising is about frequency and reach --but here's a secret--it's really NOT about how many listeners a radio station gets but how many times the SAME listener hears your ad. We have loyal listeners and have reached over 30 million of them since 2002.

So if you're trying to brand your company and reach a large loyal, niche market of people who tune in to us for a happy, healthy life drop us an email at We'll design a campaign that's right for you to fit your budget.

So now you can Follow the Crowd - and Do It Better!

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