Friday, October 4, 2013

Changing the World – One Listener at a Time

Changing the World – One Listener at a Time
by Linda Mackenzie, Founder of Radio Network

     I awaken on September 1, 2001. It is a typical day in America. I feel the collective fear of the people rising and vibrating an unseen, low frequency energy. It pervades into the energy around me. It is palatable like a dense fog that I can see, taste and smell. A bombardment of constant negativity seems to emanate from every aspect of life. I see it manifest in dark fog-like patches, slowly moving with purpose towards destruction of family, community, abundance, career, relationships and self. I feel a subtle heaviness extending beyond America surrounding the entire earth itself.
     My Spiritual Warrior side is saddened and outraged. Yet at the same time I feel the underlying hope amongst the despair. I see the bright glimmer of positive energy accumulating and struggling to surface through this dense fog. I trust there is a Divine Plan. I know that positive energy in the form of positive thought can overcome fear and negativity. It can free the earth, all its inhabitants and manifest the world that we are meant to have.
     But how can I reach the masses to pass this knowledge on? How can I help relieve the suffering? How can I create a domino effect of truth, love and collective positive thought to help produce the positive energy that is so desperately needed in these times? I need to do more but I can't do it alone. The new paradigm is connection not isolation.
     That day I made a list (left brain stuff), I meditated (right brain stuff) and I prayed (spirit stuff). Finally I found the clarity I needed. I would become, in essence, Positive Energy In Action and provide an all-positive Internet Radio Station. This station, based in truth and integrity, can help create a positive world community to promote positive thought, positive action and elimination of fear. It can encourage individual diversity, while preserving the concept that we are all one, here for the greater good of all. We can change the world – one listener at a time. Did you know that it takes less than 50 million people to become a critical mass to change the world? So I set out to do my part!
     It took me a year of many negative setbacks, but I stayed positive, persevered and stayed true to my dream. I let go of all my fear, ego, attitudes, expectations, control issues, negative thoughts and feelings. I relied on my own three word mantra-Feel, Know and Trust. I felt it was going to happen. I knew it was going to happen and I trusted it was going to happen. As soon as I did that, the magic began to happen.
     On September 1, 2002, a year to the day of my beginning concept, CHSR HealthyLife.Net-All Positive Talk & Music Radio entered into beta testing. October 1, 2002, I started my live radio show 5 times a week. In November other positive hosts started to appear. Today we are up 24/7 and have many, many hosts-all with TV, film, radio or national lecture experience. Live, On-Air, Call-In Hosts like: Dr. Bernie Siegel, Guy Finley, Sally Kirkland… All connected by one purpose - to help people deal with their lives in a conscious, positive way. Today in 2009, Radio reaches over 3,000,000 people in 108 countries and is simulcast 24/7 on over 26 channels including the Internet, WiFi, PDAs, Smartphones and private radio networks to the blind, prison systems, retail stores and more…and we’re growing. We are helping people have happier, healthy lives and contributing to the critical mass that can change this planet to a positive place for all. I am still walking my talk, living my dream to help this planet and am grateful that I am able to do my part.

We are now going into our 12th year and still going strong... Thank you listeners