Monday, April 27, 2015

After Your Radio Interview - Now What?

by Debbi Dachinger

After your radio interview consider writing a thank you note to the show host. If inclined, send a small, meaningful gift to the host, for example a gift certificate to Starbucks (if they drink coffee) or something that is heartfelt. A handwritten note is nice because the radio host has given you free marketing and publicity for you or your business and may have  introduced you to a whole new audience that you may not have had before. Most times hosts conduct interviews that shine a light on you, and sometimes, on controversial stations, they try to deride you - but in any event you have received free publicity since most hosts do not charge for interviews - and any publicity really is good publicity.

One thing you can do, if the show is  not copyrighted AND you have the show/station's permission, is to put the audio interview on your web site. You can edit the audio into the best five minutes or feature the entire radio show. This allows prospective clients and other radio or TV stations to get a taste of what you have to offer on media - so they may want to book you for their shows.

What's next? Book your next radio appearance on another show. Keep building on your skills and enjoy the next host, station and program.  Just remember to honor the station's guest policies because most stations limit how many times you can be a guest on their network in a certain period of time. So pick your future shows wisely and don't forget to have fun!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Debbi Dachinger: I Dare You To Live a Positive Life

This Q&A is featuring Debbi Dachinger, host of the “Dare to Dream” Radio show heard
on every Wednesday between 11 AM – 12 PM PT. I dare you to take Debbi's' dare!

HRN:  What is the greatest lesson you've learned?

Debbi: Nothing is final. There is always another chance, another choice to be made. We can reinvent ourselves or make new decisions and turn anything around. Align ourselves with new people, paces and situations. The greatest lesson I’ve ever learned is the power of choice. Don’t underestimate it.

HRN: What is something you are deeply grateful for?

Debbi: So many things. I am very rich in friends and in love. I am grateful for laughter, silliness, comedy, great food, travel, animals, amazing friendships, my loving partner, the ability to grow, self-develop and change, and the listeners at!

HRN: What's the most important thing you do to keep your life positive?

Debbi: First when I am inspired with  dream, I do what it take to create it into my reality and then enjoy the heck out of the creation. Next I keep life positive by being responsible for my side of things and for continually growing. And if I may add one more thing, my life is extremely positive due to the spectacular conversation I have with transformational minds each week on my show – they cause me to think about things in a way that is mind opening and quite motivating.

HRN: If you could DARE the listeners to do anything to create positive change for them, what will you dare them to do today?

Debbi: Cultivate empathy. It is very easy these days to not feel for our fellow humans. We are all moving so fast and so much is constantly calling for our attention that we lose compassion for each other. Empathy means learning to understand each other and it can show up, even in simple things like holding the door open for another, saying thank you, a smile, a kindness; allowing someone to talk without interrupting. Cultivate that and you can change your outer and inner worlds.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Your Book on Radio

Radio talk shows need interesting guests to attract listeners and viewers. Authors are interesting people. So if you have a book then radio shows should definitely be considered for your interview possibilities.  What's in it for you aside from book publicity?  Well, if you do a good job the general public will think that you are an expert. Did you know that 94% of guests authors do not already have a recognizable names - so chances are you can get that interview if your book topic appeals to the producers or hosts.

Here are some more reasons why you should do radio talk shows to promote yourself and your book:
1. Most radio interviews can be done by telephone, with no travel required.
2. Most interviews are live, and allow for Q & A from the listeners.
3. Interviews about you and your book range from 5-60 minutes.
4. A guest can usually give out contact and place of purchase information.
5. It is an amazing and enlightening medium that reaches a lot of people.

If you are available to do media interviews to promote your book, always remember that while you are there to promote yourself and your book, you must also provide informative and entertaining content for the radio audience. Talk show hosts will seldom invite you back if you do not first have their audience in mind. In other words...your book may help you get the interview but during the interview you must have something interesting to say that is unique and/or fascinating. Lastly, enjoy being on radio! It is a fun and enlightening experience...and you might even sell those books!

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Positive Effects of Media

 "All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarize that society. We can brutalize it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level." -- William Bernbach, American advertising creative director.

Media affects us. It can change the way we think, how we live, give us awareness and updated  information and for many people give an effective means of self-expression or employment.

Although TV and movies have gotten a bad rap for violence, positive programs do produce positive results. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison analyzed 24 studies of "Sesame Street" involving 10,000 children in 15 countries and found that viewers benefited significantly in cognitive outcomes, including literacy, knowledge of the world and social reasoning.

Then there's the Internet, Social Media and Digital Advertising. Some of the positive effects can include:

- Mass Knowledge (in the past mostly educated people had access to info - now everyone does)
- Increased Awareness (about society, the world, health care, finance, travel and just about everything)
- Easy and Speedy Access
- Sharing of Vital Information and Views
- Source of Inspiration
- Discovering Uncovered Truths

In fact in our present era of globalization most people depend upon information and digital communication to remain connected with the world. The biggest hurdle in media today is figuring out what is actually fact and not just fiction or opinion.

And finally there's radio. Positive Radio. Digital Positive Radio that provides information that helps people have a happy, healthy life. No station does that better than Started by people who have come from major market traditional radio backgrounds bringing you one of the few professional internet radio networks on the web. To date has reached over 51 million people, helping to transform their lives by giving positive information that people can learn and use to make progressive change.  Now that's a positive effect of Media!