Friday, April 22, 2011

Move Over Terrestrial Radio - You’re Not in Kansas Anymore Radio Internet Stats Achieves Gain over Top Stations

Back in October 2002 HealthyLife.Net Radio struggled to get people to know what Internet Radio was all about. Today Radio has widespread internet gains over top terrestrial stations such as KTLK, KFWB and KPFK. Radio owner Linda Mackenzie was pleased with the recent February web statistics from and comparing the station to some of the top market stations in the Los Angeles radio market.

Alexa 2010-2011

Compete 2010 -2011

Feb 2011 Visitors 5195--Compete Rank 270,239
KFWB:Unique Visitors 558--Compete Rank 1,705,501 Visitors 795--Compete Rank 1,269,958 Visitors 215--Compete Rank 3,146,597

With over 55 channels of 24/7 syndicated/simulcast distribution channels Healthylife,Net reaches their audience via internet, mobile, podcast, on demand, download, RSS feed. WiFi, private radio networks, in dash board of some model cars and even in a radio alarm clock.

HealthyLife.Net averages 3 million listeners a month in 108 countries with 82.7% going to 1,240 cities in all 50 U.S. States. The all positive programs span a variety of genres and are hosted by recognized TV, film, radio and national experts. The network is designed with one purpose in mind - to help people have a happy, healthy life.