Thursday, December 22, 2011

Study Shows Listeners DO Hear Radio Ads

A new study released from Arbitron, Media Monitors and Coleman
Insights dispels the myth that radio stations get a lower radio
audience during commercial breaks than actual program segments.
The study shows more than 93% of the radio audience is retained
during commercial breaks in almost every market, throughout
almost every month and almost every day part in the year.
Some study highlights:
- Programs with a 1-3 minute commercial break delivered almost
the same audience. Longer commercial breaks delivered only
slightly less of an audience.

- 18 to 24 year old radio audiences retained 90% of its audience
during commercial breaks while 65+ audiences retained 98%.
-  Talk stations retained 99% of its audience during commercial
breaks while music stations retained 88%
The study was based on 17,896,325 unique commercial breaks involving 61,902,473
advertising minutes with the average radio station airing 2.6 commercial breaks at the
average of almost nine minutes per hour of advertising. The average commercial time
lasted approximately 3.5 minutes.
This is a bright and positive note for Advertisers because
HealthyLife.Net airs shorter commercial breaks than the study average which
according to the study retains the highest audience; it is a talk format
station which according to the study retains 99% of its audience; plus 49%
of HealthyLife.Net listeners are 55+, which again according to the study
retains 98% of its audience during commercial breaks.

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