Monday, February 16, 2015

Radio Guest Jitters?

by Linda Mackenzie

Are you nervous when you thinking about being interviewed on the radio? Well that is just normal. Even the top radio professionals in the industry may get some nervous jitters before being interviewed or going on air.  Most radio stations want sensationalism or controversy and may even set you up negatively to entice their audience, even if they don't believe what they are saying to you. So the only way to really prepare for an interview is to know your topic inside out, be honest, truthful and be prepared for the unexpected.

Most radio hosts are very busy, so when you approach them to get on air you may want to include 8 questions or 'Talking Points' about your topic. In most cases the  radio hosts will use some, or all of them, which puts you ahead in the interview game. However, NEVER read your answers on air. Listeners know when you are reading. A really good radio host will actually hit you with an off the wall question to force you back into conversation mode if they suspect you are reading.

It may help to rehearse these 'Talking Points' once or twice with a friend or family member before actually going on air. You can also have your friend or family member make up their own questions that you don’t know in advance about your area of expertise. The trick is to NOT to rehearse too much because you will sound like a canned response and people will lose interest, including a really good radio host. A good host will have you off the air in record time if your interview sounds canned.

Don't be afraid to make a mistake, listeners usually find this endearing instead of horrifying, because it makes you human. You can either quickly ignore and pass over the mistake, admit the mistake or make a joke about the mistake. To err is human and everyone makes mistakes - just try not to make mistakes about the integrity of the information you are presenting.

Remember a radio interview is just a conversation between two people, which happens to be going out to many. Focus on the conversation and just go with the flow. Remember the only way to really prepare for an interview is to know your topic inside out, be honest, truthful and be prepared for the unexpected.

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Since 1996, Linda Mackenzie has been a record-breaking call-in radio host on traditional radio, where she was syndicated and/or simulcast on 246 radio stations/channels. In 2002, a pioneer in internet radio broadcasting, Linda can now be heard worldwide on internet radio.  She is the Founder and General Manager of Radio Network.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Be A Great Guest On Radio

by Debbi Dachinger
Radio is a terrific venue. Being interviewed allows people to know you and what you do quickly. It also allows the listeners, including potential clients, to see you as an expert and gives the sense that your business (or your book) is “legit.” So being booked as a radio guest can be a positive and powerful promotional device for you and your business.

To be a guest on radio is great whether it's a popular internet radio program on a bona fide station or a traditional radio station because both get listened to on average 3-5 hours a day. According to past research from Edison-Arbitron podcasts are only listened to 1-3 minutes at the top of the hour. Although some podcasts may be a good venue to be interviewed on if you hit a very popular host with a large following.

How do you become a great radio guest? Here's some hints... The first and foremost thing is to be yourself. Then, if you want to be on radio, listen to radio. Tune in to the kinds of talk radio shows that you think would best showcase you (or your product) and would most likely feature you.

Pay attention to each guest interviewed on the radio show. Notice on various shows the guests you like  and dislike. Ask yourself: why do I enjoy listening to them? What kept me captivated? Why do they bore you or make you want to tune out? Take note because these are qualities you will want to use and avoid while on air, of course through the filter of who you are authentically. Never lose your unique voice.

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Debbi Dachinger is a popular radio and TV media personality and guest, a speaker, a multi-book and sought after media coach. Debbi  has the fun, cutting-edge talk radio show 'Dare To Dream' broadcasting every Wednesday at 11am PT on

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Susun Weed: I Dare You To Live a Positive Life

by Debbi Dachinger, Dare To Dream Radio Host, Wed. 11am PT 

I recently interviewed Susun Weed from the Green Blessings radio show on We had a brilliant conversation - see how this influences you. I dare you to take Susun's dare!

Debbi: What is the greatest lesson you've learned?

Susun: The greatest lesson I have learned is that there are no lessons. Life is an experience, not a test. There are no right answers; there are no wrong answers. Life is a picture puzzle and every piece is important, and every piece has its place. Learning lessons separates us from the intimate awareness of our life, moment to moment. No lessons!

Debbi: What is something you are deeply grateful for?

Susun:  I am deeply grateful for the plants. They feed me, clothe me, shelter me, warm me, and give me breath. They provide me with medicine in exchange for a little effort on my part. They delight my senses with color, form, scent, taste, and texture. They dance in my dreams with fairy wings. They are the Ancient Ones, the wise ones. They grow absolutely everywhere, showing me that persistence always furthers. And they give me something to talk about, to write about, and to love. Green blessings are everywhere. 

Debbi: What's the most important thing you do to keep your life positive?

Susun:  My first teacher of Zen gave me my lifetime koan: The difference between good and bad is the sickness of the human mind. It is all one, you see.

Debbi: If you could DARE the listeners to do anything that will create positive change for them, what would you dare them to do today?

Susun: I dare you to start drinking nourishing herbal infusions before this week is over. Learn how to make them by watching me do it on YouTube, or by reading any of my books. Buy at least four ounces of dried stinging nettle (energy), or oatstraw (sex), or linden (anti-inflammatory), or  violet (soothing). You can order them online or by mail. Put one ounce, by weight, of one dried herb into a quart jar and add boiling water to the top. Cover tightly and steep for 4-10 hours. Strain. Refrigerate. Drink within 36 hours. Repeat. I drink a quart of nourishing herbal infusion daily, and have been doing so for more than a quarter of a century. I dare you to join me in optimizing your health, the Wise Woman Way.

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