Thursday, December 31, 2009


By Daena Smoller

It’s the morning of New Years Eve and it just dawned on me (no pun intended), not only will a new year be ushered in within a matter of hours, but an entire new decade…and it all takes place under a Blue Moon.

Personally, I’m not sure what to think about a “blue moon” other than the fact that it’s the occurrence of a second full moon within the same month, but it does strike me as kind of cool that this somewhat rare event is happening on the eve of a new year, let alone an entire new decade. Astrologers may have a different take on it so for those of you interested in learning more about what’s going on in the sky and how it may affect you, you’ll definitely want to check out Kristin Fontana’s Astrology radio show on the all-positive talk network,

In addition to all the fascinating positive programming you’ve come to depend upon at (the cornerstone of the network’s philosophy since its humble beginnings so many years ago) the network marches into the new decade shining a bright new light for millions of listeners worldwide as it unveils a revolutionary shift in news broadcasting. Beginning Monday, January 4, 2010, will be the home of NEWS @ 7, a regular weekday news series featuring mega talent as anchor / hosts (think of such trusted news personalities like Ron Kilgore and Stephanie Miller) and disseminating positive news without propaganda or fear-generating elements. In fact, NEWS @ 7 will be an exclusive source of positive news coverage of people and events that you won’t find anywhere else.

So today while you’re bidding adieu to 2009 and firming up your personal resolutions to drop some weight, quit smoking and clear the clutter from your homes, which of course are all admirable goals, make an additional resolution to do something that takes no effort yet will prove to be so special for your mind, body and spirit… make your 2010 daily choice of positive and upbeat programming including NEWS @ 7, and while you’re at it, spread that invitation to 7 other people and see how fast you reap the rewards*!

On behalf of everyone associated with, enjoy a most spectacular and positive New Year!

*Rewards vary depending on individual perspectives.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Holiday Thought

By Daena Smoller

At the beginning of the holiday season, my very good friend Mike Mace (who just became an Associate Producer of the NEW ORLEANS OFFICIAL PARANORMAL GUIDE) sent me a holiday greeting unlike any others I'd received prior. As many of us are more reflective during this time of year and with a recent and foiled terrorist attack planned for the United States, I can't think of a better time to share this greeting with you:

We've all enjoyed redneck jokes for years but at this time of year, it's time to take a reflective look at the core beliefs of a culture that values home, family, country and God. If I had to stand before a dozen terrorists who threaten my life, I'd choose a half dozen or more rednecks to back me up!

So check out the following and see how much of a redneck you may be:

You might be a redneck never occurred to you to be offended by the phrase, "One nation under God"

You might be a redneck've never protested about seeing the 10 Commandments posted in public places

You might be a redneck still say "Christmas" instead of "Winter Festival"

You might be a redneck bow your head when someone prays

You might be a redneck stand and place your hand over your heart when you hear the National Anthem

You might be a redneck treat our armed forces veterans with great respect and always have

You might be a redneck've never burned an American flag nor intend to

You might be a redneck know what you believe and you aren't afraid to say so, no matter who is listening

You might be a redneck respect your elders and raise your children to do the same

You might be a redneck'd give your last dollar to a friend


REMINDER - the Countdown is on! unveils NEWS @ 7 on January 4th, you the choice on how to listen to news...a Positive Choice!

Veteran broadcasters from NBC, CBS, KNX1070, Sirius and more have gathered together to provide you news delivered ‘straight up’ without the fear, negativity, propaganda, or skewed political views and it's only available through

News@7 airs Monday through Friday at both 7am and 7pm Pacific Time with Real News…Real Facts…from International, National, Business, Money Matters and Sports to Super Segments on Health, Sci-Tech, Environment, Arts & Entertainment and Happy Living…All Positive News without the hype or shenanigans.

And you can help spread the word...forward this blog to five friends (or to your entire mailing list) and ask them to tune in to NEWS @ 7, beginning January 4, 2010 and join on Facebook at

As my holiday greeting to you...a photo to warm your heart...the very handsome Mr. Milti of Marina del Rey.

Monday, December 21, 2009


By Daena Smoller

I just learned this bit of information and I'm so excited to pass it on to you!

There is an organization in the United States called Cleaning for a Reason, and can be found at Here's what it's for and how it works: Any woman who is currently undergoing chemotherapy can sign up at the website and have her doctor fax a note confirming her treatment. Cleaning for a Reason then contracts a participating maid service in the patient's zip code and arranges for house cleaning service one time per month for four months during the cancer treatment time frame...and it's absolutely FREE.

There are 547 partner cleaning services across the country that work with Cleaning for a Reason in an effort to help those women undergoing chemotherapy. Please be sure to pass this information along to any woman who may need this service. And while you do so, please bookmark the Breast Cancer Site at and your daily click helps provide early breast cancer detection to women in need.

I wish these services were around when my mom was first diagnosed with breast cancer back in the late 1970s. However, during her second bout with cancer, she discovered the work of Dr. Bernie Siegel and if I remember correctly, she had the opportunity to converse with him. She even headed up a cancer support group as an offshoot of Dr. Siegel's work because that's the kind of woman that she was; one that supported all kinds of people regardless of what she may have been dealing with herself.

My mom said wonderful things about Dr. Siegel, probably because of a shared philosophy which is to take control and responsibility for your own healing. If you haven't discovered Dr. Bernie Siegel, you can do so the first Tuesday of every month on Dr. Bernie Siegel's show, MIND HEALTH MATTERS, is part of's Visionary Series. And of course, check the for options on how to listen to all of Dr. Siegel's archived shows.

And while on the subject of health, you may also want to check out Jonathan Goldman's show, THE HEALING SOUNDS SHOW, which airs the second Wednesday of the month, part of the's Harmony Series. Jonathan Goldman focuses on the healing power of sounds which can help your life on multiple levels.

And of course that brings me to my very good friend, Linda Mackenzie who hosts THE LINDA MACKENZIE SHOW (formerly known as Creative Health & Spirit). Her show is a trip and I know first hand because I filled in as a board operator during the first couple of years after the launch of She has interesting guests and focuses on fabulous health and awareness information and even provides some free energy readings. Linda Mackenzie loves to take calls from her audience so be sure to call'll have a great time!

And coming up on January 4th, it's the launch of NEWS @ 7, exclusively on It's the positive news served straight with no fear factors, anchored by broadcasting veterans. NEWS @ 7 will revolutionize news...something that hasn't been accomplished in 50 years! So mark your calendars and get ready for "7" on!

In the meantime, have a HEALTHY HOLIDAY SEASON!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

HealthyLife.Net News@ 7 Video Radio Network starts weekday News program providing facts straight up without fear, propaganda or skewed political views by veteran broadcasters & celebrity guests like Stephanie Miller Jan 4 at 7am & 7pm PT.

Bad News Sells – Until Now: HealthyLife.Net Radio Streams Facts Not Fear

Bad News Sells – Until Now: HealthyLife.Net Radio Streams Facts Not Fear

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Is '7'?

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A Lesson in Geography and Football

By Daena Smoller

I was at a party this past Sunday to watch the football game; the New Orleans Saints vs the Washington Redskins. Now I have never been a football fan, ever, until this season. Since I'm currently hanging out in New Orleans and the city is going crazy over the Saints as they make it closer to the Super Bowl, it's hard not to get swept up in the Saints frenzy.

So before the game, there's the pre-game show (hey, it was new to me!). During this time, a female reporter (or is she a sportscaster?) was interviewing players. Following her interview, this guy sitting near me at the football party launched into a half-serious tirade about women being involved in sports broadcasting. Of course, he was completely against it and since he had caught my attention, he focused the remainder of his tirade to me.

Then he really blew me away when he asked me, "who are the Saints playing?" I immediately responded with "Redskins" then pulled the neck of my shirt out a bit, pretended to survey my own chest and continued with "gee, do you believe it was female that had to clue you in?"

But the guy continued with "oh, Redskins, D.C." and I responded, "no, there are no football teams in D.C. - it's Washington State!" He agreed.

After the Saints won in overtime making them 12 - 0, I called my dad. I ran down the list of events from the previous week that I wanted share and then told him about this guy at the football party who initially threw a chauvinistic tantrum and our exchange. Of course, I put more emphasis on what an idiot this guy was to think that Redskins were from D.C. My dad started laughing...really, really hard. And when he could finally catch his breath, my dad, the physicist with a genius I.Q. kindly clued me in to the fact that the Redskins were indeed, a Washington D.C. team. So without missing more than a couple beats, I responded, "well, what a super idiot this guy is for listening to a girl!" I endured my dad laughing non-stop for another twenty minutes.

So you're probably reading this and wondering WHY in the world am I sharing this story with you. Well, there is a point. Information is usually only as good as the source of announcement so you totally want to make sure that your source is reliable and trustworthy. And that's one of the key reasons why millions of people around the world listen to a wide array of programming on Whether its for mind-body-spirit information, entertainment, green matters and of course, sports, you can count on covering it all, straight.

AND, beginning January 4, 2010, you can count on "7", exclusively at!


Friday, December 4, 2009

What is '7' ?

Pythagoras says that ‘7’ is comprised of male and female energy–positive energy for all genders starts Jan 4 on

The big bad wolf can't blow down ‘7’

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…Count Down 32 Days

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


SOCRATES was the Father of Modern thought. Imagine what he'd think about ‘7’. 1.4.10on…Count Down: 35 Days

Monday, November 30, 2009


By Daena Smoller

The PARANORMAL and a New Orleans’ HOLLYWOOD SOUTH project comes together to make one of the coolest gift ideas for those special people on your list. For fans of New Orleans, the paranormal or both, this is a most unique gift that lasts a lifetime – you can make them an

Visit NEW ORLEANS OFFICIAL PARANORMAL to get the synopsis and watch the Participant's Trailer as well as additional Sneak Peek Interviews with New Orleans CVB President Stephen Perry and City of New Orleans Executive Director of Arts & Entertainment Ernest Collins!

There’s an
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Level for everyone with three to choose from including a Corporate Level…each providing a varying list of cool perks including but not limited to DVDs, ASSOCIATE PRODUCER CERTIFICATES and permanent FACEBOOK-style listings on the official website (Level II and Corporate Level includes a permanent listing on the DVD too and much more). For a full list of perks on your desired ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Level, email LED Productions from the website.

Once you select one of three
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Levels, you can get it conveniently on-line. You'll receive via email, confirmation from LED Productions, a request for listing info and then a personalized NEW ORLEANS OFFICIAL PARANORMAL GUIDE ASSOCIATE PRODUCER CERTIFICATE to present to your holiday gift recipients…ready for framing.

SPECIAL BONUS - Choose your favorite psychic show host on, give your answer with your listing info to LED Productions and you'll receive a SECOND INDIVIDUAL ASSOCIATE PRODUCER LISTING & ASSOCIATE PRODUCER CERTIFICATE - FREE!

When you make someone an
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER, you’re also helping to support HOLLYWOOD SOUTH and a worthwhile New Orleans Charitable Organization too. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the NEW ORLEANS OFFICIAL PARANORMAL GUIDE will be donated to BORN - Better Opportunities Right Now, a New Orleans charitable organization founded by Tyra Wilson Brown with services to promote the independence of specific populations by connecting socio-economically disadvantaged citizens with life skills, information and resources through education, advocacy and referral services.

Check out the brand new

In Order of Appearance:










Coming Soon:








You can also make an individual advanced purchase of a
NEW ORLEANS OFFICIAL PARANORMAL GUIDE DVD and if done by December 22nd you’ll receive a NEW ORLEANS OFFICIAL PARANORMAL GUIDE DVD CERTIFICATE via email in time to give your holiday gift recipients.

NEW ORLEANS OFFICIAL PARANORMAL GUIDE is being produced by LED Productions in association with Digital Bayou HD Productions.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


By Daena Smoller

Got your attention, didn’t I? But I can’t take the’s actually from the mind and mouth of one of America’s funniest women, Joan Rivers. I’ve been a fan of Joan Rivers since her first nights of guest-hosting the Johnny Carson Show.

I remember years (and years) ago, I was working for an advertising agency as the one and only copy writer and where I garnered my first experiences a television commercial producer. One of the agency’s largest clients was a corporation that owned a massive nation-wide chain of mall jewelry stores; the store names varied by market. Joan Rivers was the jewelry chain spokesperson and I was psyched because I got to write her quotes and copy know, the whole ‘only one person away from knowing (fill in the blank)’ type of thing. Note: The only downside for me was the project of writing the entire jewelry catalog. Next time you pick up a store catalog, pity the poor person who wrote it as it’s just about the most mind-numbing thing in the world to write, that is, next to a credit card application, but that’s another story.

Years later, I got to perform on stage at the world-famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip and all I could think of was that I was standing on the same stage as many very funny women had like Roseanne, Sandra Bernhard and of course, Joan Rivers!

And this Tuesday, December 1st, I’ll be sure to tune into Dr. Jane Greer’s show, DOCTOR ON CALL, as her guest will be one of my all-time favorites, Joan Rivers! By the way, “MEN ARE STUPID AND THEY LIKE BIG BOOBS” is her show title...need I say more?

Yes I must - YOU ROCK JOAN RIVERS!...and those are my boobs!

Dr. Jane Greer’s DOCTOR ON CALL is on every Tuesday, live from 2 pm – 3 pm eastern (11 am – 12 pm pacific) which means you can call in! And here’s who else you can expect on DOCTOR ON CALL, on in December:

John Edward on December 8th
Kathy Pomerantz on December 15th
Dr. Doris Day on December 22nd

And here's Dr. Jane Greer's cool bio:

Dr. Jane Greer is a nationally known marriage and family therapist in private practice for over twenty years. She is the author of The Afterlife Connection: A Therapist Reveals how to Communicate with Departed Loved Ones by Saint Martin ’s Press: Gridlock: Finding The Courage to Move on in Love, Work and Life and How Could You Do This To Me? Learning to Trust After Betrayal both published by Doubleday. She also wrote Adult Sibling Rivalry, published in hardcover by Crown and paperback by Fawcett. Dr. Greer is a Love Network Expert for Redbook Magazine and also wrote the Let’s Talk About Sex advice column for Redbook Magazine online. She is the host of her own weekly radio internet show ”Doctor On Call” at She was also a frequent contributor and guest co-host for "The Radio Ritas" program for GreenStone Media.

Dr. Greer has appeared as a regular guest expert on numerous national television programs among them: The Today Show, The Early Show, CNN News, Anderson Cooper 360, Dateline NBC, 20/20, Oprah, The View, Extra!, Hard Copy, Montel Williams, Ricki Lake, Donnie and Marie, Geraldo, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, Sally Jessy Raphael and Court T.V. She is a frequent guest on Good Day New York; and was a regular expert on "Wake Up America", as well as the guest co-host for "State Of Mind", on America's Talking cable network.

She has been interviewed repeatedly for articles in many well-respected publications including the New York Times, USA Today, New York Post, New York Newsday; People Magazine, US, In Touch, Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, McCall's, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Mademoiselle, In Style, Allure, Family Circle, Parents Magazine, Elle, Marie Claire, Woman's Day, Real Beauty, Working Woman, Self, Seventeen, Complete Woman, YM, American Health, First, Fitness, Men's Health, Swing, Frequent Flyer, Woman's World and frequently appears in syndicated newspapers across the country in columns such as "Can This Marriage Be Saved" and Parade Magazine. She was featured as the regular expert therapist on Ladies Home Journal video web site for "Can This Marriage Be Saved.”

A former adjunct assistant professor at Adelphi University School of Social Work; Dr. Greer is a long standing member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists as well as the American Association of Sex , Educators, Counselors and Therapists. She has lectured across the country on marital/family problems, women's issues, and sibling (twin) issues; and is frequently called on by the national news media to speak as an authority on these topics.

Dr. Greer conducts monthly seminars for the Learning Annex and the Seminar Center on topics such as Gridlock, Trust and Betrayal, Are You Ready For Commitment, Anger Management, How To Choose The Right Partner and Adult Sibling Rivalry.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


By Daena Smoller

Thanksgiving is my absolutely favorite holiday of the year and no matter what else is going on in my life, I always take time to think about how fortunate I am to have a handful of very close friends. One of those most cherished friends is Linda Mackenzie, the founder, President and General Manager of is an all positive talk radio network on the Internet; Linda’s brainchild. For those who know her, this fact would come as no surprise since Linda strives everyday to be as positive as she can and spread that positive thought and good energy as well as positive information to as many people as possible. The following is a personal story which will highlight one of the many reasons why I’m thankful that Linda is a good friend of mine.

When I met Linda in 1998, we hit it off famously. The following Spring, Linda joined us (veteran field parapsychologist Dr. Larry Montz and ISPR investigative team) in England for nine days to participate in the paranormal field investigations which were filmed to created the two award-winning 1999 documentaries, ISPR INVESTIGATES GHOSTS OF ENGLAND and ISPR INVESTIGATES GHOSTS OF BELGRAVE HALL. When we returned back to the states, it was becoming increasingly apparent that Larry’s health was failing and doing so quickly.

During this time, Larry was approached by a television production company to have the ISPR investigative team conduct an investigation of the Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego near the end of June 1999. This would be a repeat investigation for the parapsychologist but a new one for most of the team. The date was set for a Monday. Linda was scheduled to be out of town at a convention so she wouldn’t be accompanying us.

The week before the investigation, Larry was feeling rather poorly. That Thursday, I insisted on taking him to the hospital and upon the initial examination in ER, he was admitted immediately. After tests and an attempted procedure that couldn’t be carried out, Larry was scheduled for a quadruple by-pass first thing that coming Monday morning.

I called the production company, apologized for the short notice and informed the executive producer that there was no way we could conduct the paranormal field investigation as Larry would be undergoing a quadruple by-pass surgery.

On Sunday night, the night before the surgery, it dawned on me to call Linda and leave a message just to let her know what was going on. And I did.

Some of Larry’s relatives flew to L.A. on Sunday and we were all at the hospital before 5 am Monday for the surgery that was scheduled for 6:30 am. Every fiber of my being was rattled, not only because of the horrendous event we were going through, but because of the negative actions of others. The first being the owner of a company of which Larry was the General Manager.

Two months earlier while filming long days in England, Larry stayed up all night on the phone, overseeing the buyout of this company (very, very long-distance) which in turn made the company owner over 40 MILLION DOLLARS. But this now-rich man was vastly cruel while speaking to me by phone when I called to give him an update prior to the surgery – actually accusing me of knowing that Larry had a serious and massive heart issue and that I did nothing about it. I couldn’t have been more shocked since I discovered Larry’s problem at the same time he did, the previous Thursday. So even today, I’d like to take that man and shove his 40 MILLION DOLLARS where the sun doesn’t shine, but Linda, being all ‘love and light’, just says, “too bad, too sad”…which for some reason, always makes me smile.

The second person to blow my mind in a most negative fashion was the executive producer of the show we had to cancel. During hour two of Larry’s surgery, this man had the audacity to call the hospital and have me paged. I was silently freaking out in a waiting room when I heard my name announced over the hospital paging system. That sent me over the top…what other terrible emergency was taking place that anyone would page me during such a time, while at the hospital? At the nurses’ station, I was handed the phone to discover the executive producer on the line. He never even inquired about Larry’s status (and at this point, I didn’t know anything except that Larry’s chest was wide open and his heart was hooked up to machines outside of his body). Instead, he asked if I could still come to San Diego and do the investigation because if Larry was in surgery, he wouldn’t know I was gone! After a moment of dumbfounded silence on my end, I found my voice...a rather angry voice if I remember correctly. I certainly cannot share with you in this forum what I told this EP over the phone, but I can assure you, it was not a chapter from Linda’s book…all ‘love and light’!

But here’s where the story gets vastly better. After the phone call, I walked like a zombie to the massive windows and front doors of the hospital’s main lobby. I was just staring outside, straight ahead, without focusing on anything in particular. But then a yellow cab caught my eye for some unknown reason. The back door opened and out emerged the beautiful Linda Mackenzie. As I was processing this scene, I watched her quickly pay the cab driver while flashing that amazing “Linda Mackenzie smile”, grabbed her suitcase from the trunk and sprinted up to the front doors of the hospital where I stood just inside with my jaw hanging.

I couldn’t believe Linda cut her convention short, grabbed a plane and came directly to the hospital. But that’s what good friends do; they make sure they’re there for you when you need them, even without asking.

During Larry’s open heart surgery, Linda never physically left my side once she arrived at the hospital, but psychically, she kept an eye on Larry the entire time and provided me with constant updates (how freaky and awesome is that?!), and over four hours later when the surgery was completed and the lead surgeon came out to explain what transpired in OR, Linda was proven correct regarding her clairvoyant updates. And although extremely tired too, Linda remained with us at the hospital until it was time for me to go home.

So that’s just one sample story of why I cherish my good friend Linda Mackenzie but rest assured, I have countless others. And here’s the cool news for you, you too have the opportunity to get to benefit from Linda’s spirit and positive energy. Just tune into the Linda Mackenzie Show on and make sure to take advantage of the opportunities to call into the show and speak with her live on-air. And in true Linda Mackenzie form, if she knew what I was writing about, she’d ask that I mention all the other wonderful shows hosts on the network. Well, guess I just did.

Thanks for reading and here wishing a fabulous holiday to you and all the very special people in your life during Thanksgiving 2009!

(Photo - L - R Back Row: Shawn Roop, Ron Kilgore, L - R Front Row: Daena Smoller, Linda Mackenzie, Dr. Larry Montz)


By Daena Smoller

Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday! I have a lot to be thankful for this year and as of yesterday I have two more things.

Larry and I planned out our Thanksgiving menu in preparation of the big Thanksgiving grocery shopping event with 50 billion other holiday shoppers. The weather by us has recently turned a bit chilly, so Larry grabbed a jacket that he hadn’t worn since last February. He put it on, stuck his hand inside an inner pocket and found a $100 bill! Neither of us can figure out how it got there but we’re not complaining!

The grocery store was packed which makes the shopping adventure a great deal more fun. We picked out our necessities for the week and the items we’d need to go with our main dish for Thanksgiving and then made our way to check out the many bins of turkeys. I thought the turkeys were kind of expensive…like over $20 for an 9 pound turkey and up. Then, a fellow shopper caught Larry’s attention and directed him to another bin. Inside, less then 20 turkeys remained and we discovered why the bin was so wiped out as we chose for ourselves a most perfect 14.5 lb turkey for $5.57!

This holiday season, I hope you are the recipient of treasures and bargains too! And on behalf of everyone at, here’s to a fantabulous Thanksgiving for you and yours and a very bright and magical holiday season!

Monday, November 16, 2009


By Daena Smoller

In elementary school, one progressive teacher staged an event in front of the class with two students and had the students leave the classroom afterward. The teacher then asked the students to provide information regarding the other two students involved in the event such as what they were wearing, what they did and what they said. It was an eye opener to have it proven that we all perceive things a bit differently from each other.

I never forgot that lesson and for some unknown reason, it’s made a significant difference to me regarding what I witness and how I react.

For example, early on during one beautiful summer evening, I took my 9-year old stepdaughter for a bike ride around the neighborhood. She didn’t own a bike at home and was at this point, still a little shaky. Without warning and for some reason that I couldn’t see, she lost total control of her bike and flew off to the side, skidding on her stomach across a neighbor’s lawn.

I jumped off my bike and raced over to her. She looked up at me with the same stunned look of a toddler who waits to hear the mother’s voice before he or she decides to start crying. I didn’t want my stepdaughter to cry nor did I want this accident to put an end to her bike riding. So I began clapping as if she gave an amazing stage performance and as her eyes got HUGE in reaction, I told her that this was a most exciting moment…her first big wipe-out on a bike! I then asked to see if she had any ‘war wounds’ that would impress her classmates the next day. It took about 10 seconds for her to register my unorthodox reaction to her fall and instead of crying (as I’m sure her scrapes and bumps hurt), she stood up and said, “wow…a real wipe-out!”

I helped her look for any serious scrapes, of which thankfully, there were none and then we both got back on our bikes to go home where she would enthusiastically tell her father about her ‘first wipe-out’ on a bike… which served as practice for her big ‘wipe-out’ announcement the next day at school.

I wanted to share this story with you in hopes of it being a reminder that today, tomorrow or in the days to follow, your perception of an incident can play a major role in your subsequent actions. And if your reaction to this story is ‘I do the same thing’, how great is that? But if it makes you think about what you can change regarding your perception and reactions, then I offer you this: there are a great deal of experts who can help you make a positive impact in and on your life (therefore helping you make a positive impact in the life of another) and you can find the lion’s share of these experts broadcasting 24/7 at

Thursday, November 12, 2009


If this Friday, you feel you should have stayed in bed with the covers over your head, you’re not alone. People around the world dread a Friday the 13th (well, except for the producers of the successful movie franchise of the same name) and actually anticipate ‘bad things’ when the 13th of the month lands on a Friday. If you are one of these people who share this specific fear, you could be labeled as suffering from Paraskevidekatriaphobia or Friggatriskaidekaphobia.

American psychotherapist Dr. Donald Dossey coined the term Paraskevidekatriaphobia in the early 1990s, based on the Greek words Paraskeví (Παρασκευή) (meaning Friday), and dekatreís (δεκατρείς) (meaning thirteen), attached to phobía (φοβία) (meaning fear). He found through his research that people suffering from paraskevidekatriaphobia (paraskevidekatriaphobics) can suffer from a wide range of negative reactions – mild anxiety on one end of the spectrum to severe panic attacks on the other. It is stated however, that Dr. Dossey claimed that if a person could actually pronounce paraskevidekatriaphobia, they would be cured.

The related term, Triskaidekaphobia coined in the early 1900s (from Greek tris meaning three, kai meaning and, deka meaning ten) is a broad-stroked fear of the number 13 in general. Triskaidekaphobics would never stay on the 13th floor of a hotel (unless it’s called the 14th floor, which most often, it is). Friggatriskaidekaphobia is a variation of triskaidekaphobia. Frigga refers to the ancient Scandinavian goddess associated with witchcraft and Friday as the Sabbath for witches. Hmmm, sounds like a possible bad day all around the board for IKEA!

The Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute, based in Asheville, North Carolina, has released staggering figures…an estimated 17 to 21 million people in the U.S. alone, are freaked out by Friday the 13th. Some people truly suffer extremely on a Friday the 13th…to the point that they will absolutely throw their normal routines out the window when it comes to traveling, working and even getting up in the morning. And if you think that doesn’t affect you, it’s been estimated that almost a BILLION DOLLARS in business losses occur due to wide-spread fear of Friday the 13th!

So for those who need to plan out upcoming Fridays that are the 13th of the month, here are some tips: Any month that begins on a Sunday, will contain a Friday the 13th and every year has at least one occurrence and at most, three of the dreaded days. The longest period of time that can fly by without the 13th landing on a Friday is 14 months. This will actually be the case from July 2012 through September 2013…but considering the escalating fears about the year 2012 (remember Y2K anyone?), that may be of relatively small reassurance.

On the flip side, for events purposely planned for a Friday the 13th like the release of the horror film Resident Evil 5 (in the U.S. and U.K.), the Red Nose Day for Comic Relief (U.K.) and the annual ride for thousands of bikers into Port Dover Ontario, Canada, it's viewed as a pretty good day.

As for me, Friday the 13th is always a very happy day since my Mom always claimed it was lucky for her...and from what I witnessed, it was! Thus, the power of suggestion and intention! I hope this Friday the 13th proves to be a happy and lucky day for you too and, in case you didn't think of it already... you can improve your likelihood for a fabulous day by absorbing something fascinating and positive at!

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Don't Miss the GREEN SERIES on

HEALTHYLIFE.Net, the all positive radio network on the Internet, has some very hip linear scheduling. For example on Mondays at 8 am PST, you can catch one of four shows featured in the radio network's GREEN SERIES.

And yes, you guess it correctly, each one of the four shows features information to help you "go green" on more levels than you may have thought before.

Every first Monday of the month, the GREEN SERIES features Susun Weeds' GREEN BLESSINGS show during which you'll be introduced to the wise woman ways of herbal and plant-based healing. And Ms. Weeds knows her stuff! She began studying herbal medicine in 1965, has authored several books and continues to write for many magazines and journals. Her Wise Woman Center keeps her quite busy as does her international teaching through many different venues from medical schools to shamanic training centers. Coming up on November 2, you can catch her new show in the series entitled, "IS VANILLA VAIN?".

The second Monday of the month features THE DR. PAT SHOW hosted by none other than Dr. Pat Bacilli whose focus is to provide you with a no-nonsense approach for a rewarding 'green' and healthy life. And no doubt she can because Dr. Pat is a human potential expert plus an award-winning radio host. And the bonus? She interviews all types of fascinating experts. So tune in and absorb the information that will help you thrive!

Every third Monday, you'll hang out with Dave Egbert during his show, LIVING GREEN LIVE. Dave is the host of TV's GARDEN TRAVELS and within this green radio show, Dave can help us all embrace sustainable solutions for our everyday lives with real-time advice. He'll tell you what you want to know - everything from growing backyard veggies and growing a healthy family to saving money and saving the planet. And Dave Egbert sprinkles his show with great insight - from urban farmers to globally-conscious celebrities.

The fourth Monday of each month presents an awesome hour of thoughtful perspectives on conscious green living during BLUE PLANET ALMANAC with Mike Austin. Whether Mike is guiding you through engaging expert interviews, breaking news or product reviews, you're sure to feel your sense of social responsibility and embrace green living because Mike Austin will open both your mind and heart to the possibilities of truly conscious living and sustainability.

There's no doubt you're going to gain a lot of perspective and usable knowledge through HEALTHYLIFE.Net's GREEN SERIES. So I suggest you visit for more information on this and the network's other Specialty Series including:


And remember, you can call in live to many of the shows and actually participate! Here are the numbers:
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Thanks for reading!
Daena Smoller

Friday, November 6, 2009


By Daena Smoller

Once upon a time, when I was in second grade, our class was forced to watch a propaganda film about pollution. It depicted the year 2000 in which all humans would have to remain inside their climate-controlled homes because the atmosphere was so completely damaged that no one could leave their homes without gas masks.

As a slightly sensitive little girl, I pretty much freaked out.

But thank God for my wise, calm and intelligent father (a super cool and real physicist). He quietly explained to me all of the reasons why this was an over-blown propaganda film. I felt MUCH better. Today, it strikes me that that doom and gloom film was very similar in the arena of hype as those propaganda films from before my time, the ones explaining how to survive when the bomb is dropped…just hide under a table and put a wet newspaper over your head. Unfortunately, what was portrayed in that film was also incorrect with the truth of the matter not being all that sweet and simple.

The very late 1990s brought the whole Y2K technological scare…remember that? Fear mongers spread their message that computers around the globe would fail translating to the downfall of business, financial institutions, health care and the list goes on. Some companies made mind-boggling amounts of money on ‘Y2K upgrades’ that were never necessary in the first place and on January 1, 2000, everyone knew the panic over the previous 12 – 24 months was all for naught.

In 2004, a movie with kick-ass billboards played on our collective fear of world-wide disaster due to climate change. Remember THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW? And even though there were huge holes in the movie, I found the premise all too disturbing. But today, we face another threat that claims few to none of us will survive…that is, if we are to believe what is being said and written by those who are not sufficiently motivated to prove their claims with any hard evidence within their articles, books and interviews on the Internet.

The threat is approaching – 2012! December 2012 to be a little more precise which coincides with the end of the Mayan Calendar.

And now, to bring that threat to the masses is the new movie 2012. I must admit that I’ll have to go see it for the special effects (and the fact that I can see my former beach house in the cool movie poster), but like that pollution propaganda film from years ago and the feature film, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, I’ll most likely be sick to my stomach afterward.

I’ve been aware of the 2012 issue for quite some time, although not in great detail because I truly don’t like to go there! I find some difficulty in believing that a Mayan-produced calendar that ends in December 2012, produced by a race of people who disappeared from the face of the earth a long time ago, truly translates to the end of the world as we know it instead of just meaning that whoever was working on the calendar was interrupted and then, went missing.

Metaphysically, maybe it just signifies further change. But doesn’t our global life change all the time anyway?

Regardless, a major concern is spreading, stemming from the worries of 2012 and all manufactured items based on the doomsday theory…people may become so frightened that they engage in actions that they normally would not take. For example, and it’s just an example folks: If one believed that the world would end within a very specific time frame, why wouldn’t that person seek out ultimate revenge on those who have intentionally wronged him? Wouldn’t there be those who would steal from others so they may purchase what they believe they are missing, even if it’s only for a short period of time? Why wouldn’t everyone in the world just quit their jobs because really, if the world is to end, what’s the point? Of course such questions are bountiful, but you get the idea.

Well, I could tell you that there’s rumor going around that ABC may greenlight a series “2013” which would pick up where the movie 2012 leaves off. This may provide us with a little hope that some of us may survive 2012 and continue on in some fashion or another. But does this really cut the cake? I don’t think so.

What I suggest is to seek out valuable information, not just about the looming 2012, but information to make everyday a better one for you and your loved ones. And since you may not have access to my dad to help alleviate your fears, check out as it’s a great source of useful information disseminated by experts in mind, body, spirit and green matters - 24/7.

And finally, my advise to those who are in the middle of the road and just don’t know what to think - today, tomorrow and every day following, do your best for yourself and for others, if for no better reason than because like chicken soup, it couldn’t hurt!

So here’s to a wonderful upcoming 2010 and the countdown to the actual year 2012, which may pleasantly surprise us all!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Linda Mackenzie's Away...Daena Smoller Comes Out to Play

HEALTHYLIFE.Net, the stellar model for all-positive talk programming on the Internet, is a vast road map available exclusively for you, providing a wealth of information and instruction for positive growth and improvement with a healthy dash of entertainment. Right now, the lovely and talented HEALTHYLIFE.NET owner and GM Linda Mackenzie (also an amazing network show-host) is busy under the beautiful Southern California sun, so I'm sneaking into the HEALTHYLIFE.Net blog to help keep you updated on some totally cool things that no doubt, you'll be excited to know!

Did you know that the fabulous actress Dee Wallace (with over 100 credits to her name including E.T., 10 and The Frighteners...some of my personal favorites), is HEALTHYLIFE.Net host? Her show, CONSCIOUS CREATION can be heard every fourth Monday of the month on HEALTHYLIFE.Net at 9:00 am PST. And on November 6th, Dee and a plethora of her fans and fellow healers, will depart on a fabulous cruise to Baja! Participants will work with healers (Dee is a healer too!) who specialize in a wide range of healing abilities.

So if you didn't know about this "CRUISE & SCHMOOZ with DEE" and are thinking to yourself that you would have loved to speak with Dee live and in person, you still can! Mark you calendar for the fourth Monday of this month for Dee's next show on HEALTHYLIFE.Net and be sure to give her a call LIVE at 800.555.5453 or 310.371.5444.

If you're now thinking, that's pretty cool about Dee Wallace, but just who is this person writing? Read below.

Daena Smoller began her career in the early 1980s as a commercial copywriter and producer, moving into documentary and television producing in 1997. Daena won both a TELLY Award and the 2002 Screamfest International Film Festival & Screenplay Competition Best Horror Documentary Award for her first efforts as co-creator and co-executive producer of the 1999 ISPR INVESTIGATES Series, in which she also appeared on-screen. Making close to 50 television appearances in the U.S. and abroad from E! Entertainment to Cinematic Report in Japan, Daena also worked on the creation and development of high-profile entertainment promotions and sweepstakes with movie studios and entertainment entities like SONY Pictures, MGM, DREAMWORKS, RYSHER Entertainment, COLUMBIA TRISTAR and FYE. Daena wore producer and location manager hats for 12 years in Hollywood for commercials, documentaries, television series and major motion pictures. Her current documentary, set to be shot in and around New Orleans, is in pre-production. Active with the New Orleans CVB and other NOLA tourism and hospitality entities post-Katrina, Daena is also a celebrity blogger of paranormal matters for and is learning how to master her Twitter page.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Integrating Integrity

by: Linda Mackenzie

I want to take you on a journey into the land of integrity. Integrity puts your power of thought into positive action. It actually affects and effects positive change for ourselves and everything connected on Earth and the Universe.

An integral component to the success of our current evolution of consciousness, it is timely and important to maintain integrity to actualize the concept that we are greater than ourselves and here for the greater good of all. The “ME” generation is over and the “WE” generation has begun. Integrity helps you take the “ME” to “WE.” It supports the “WE” with honor and respect.
So hop on board this integrity train - your trip is about to begin.

Striving For Wholeness

We’ll visit three stops in the land of integrity and coincidentally there are three meanings of the word integrity in the dictionary. The first meaning states: “the quality or state of being complete; wholeness; entireness; unbroken state.” Now doesn’t that sound grand and isn’t that what we are all striving for, especially for ourselves and all things on the planet?

In the “ME” generation the world was all about the individual. “How can I get a good relationship, better health, more money, cool career,” and the beat goes on and on and on. It was all about “ME”. However, in the “WE” generation the world is all about conscious connection. Where once we were striving to maintain wholeness for ourselves we are turning to wholeness for all.

Let’s stop for a moment to enjoy the scenery and I’ll let you in on a little secret. We are always whole in every minute of every day and we are always exactly in the right place we are meant to be. We don’t always recognize this because of the brain’s thought-striving mechanism built up of past programming by our family, society and our early experiences.

In actuality, too much thought becomes addictive and can create stagnation of the spirit. It’s like the dog chasing its tail. Thoughts seem to lead to more thoughts which keep the mind busy, which causes missing the wholeness and completeness of the Moment. Here’s another secret - the Moment is all we really have. More importantly, too much thought delays action. Action is a great mover and director of energy. Action is a true form of manifesting who we are and what we want for ourselves and everything on the planet. To take this one step further positive action produces and returns positive energy to all of us.

There Are No Negatives

To realize that there are no negatives in life and we always get what we need (not always what we want) are freeing thoughts that enable us to let go and live life entirely in connective wholeness. “Negative” situations and circumstances are just opportunities for growth. The sooner you recognize the lesson and take action, the sooner the “negatives” become positives. So when something you perceive as “negative” happens ask yourself, “What is this experience trying to teach me?”

When you complete the total lesson you’ll never experience the same “negative” –EVER AGAIN! However, if you only learn part of the lesson, the same lesson will come back to you over and over again, albeit in a slightly different way, until you learn the lesson completely.

Lessons are similar to Truth they will nag you until you accept them. Just consider life lessons as part of the school to Enlightenment and be ready to keep learning because the lessons never stop even when you get to the other side.

One way to complete a lesson is to take action - Stop doing the “negative” things that bring in the “negative” energy towards you. This includes your thoughts, words, deeds and actions. You have the Power and Free Will to do this. On a side note, although taking no action is still an action, it holds your energy “in place” and stops your movement so it is usually better to take some kind of action in most situations.

Sometimes there is a lesson that you just can’t seem to shake but you can still take action to minimize its “negative” effect. For example, I had a tendency to worry all the time. How did I conquer this trigger point of diversion and waste of energy? I learned to be consciously aware every time a “worry” thought came into my mind and then I consciously “let it go” which immediately brought me back to Wholeness. It now takes me less than 2 seconds to dispel the “worry” thought and it works every time. It’s time to board the integrity train for our second stop.

Turning the “ME” to “WE”

The second definition of integrity is: “the unimpaired state or quality of anything; perfect condition; soundness.”

One of Life’s greatest gifts is change. It is always constant. Just when you think things are all right something changes. During these times it helps to remember that change is cyclical - what goes up, must come down and then goes up again. Learn your lessons, take action and you can have an effect on the energy of change and get through the “down” times faster.

However, when you are on this ever constant sea of change, and concentrating to develop wholeness to get yourself to that perfect condition don’t forget the bigger picture. We are all connected. If you are just in a world about “ME” you can never attain anything but a short-lived, transient feeling of wholeness. This is because you are not integrating integrity accurately. For it is only by being part of and doing our part in the world for the greater good of all, that we can attain true wholeness.

Remember we are in a perfect condition and part of the whole in every moment. Concentrate on the positive whenever you get into a “ME” state, that will help the “WE” of the planet by default. We all can be working activists for positive change and activate positive energy out to the world - just by living a happy, healthy life honoring and respecting all things.

Sweeping a street joyfully is just as important as being a country’s President. No one is more important than another. We all have value. We all contribute to the whole. There is a grand plan and we are already part of it. So forget about materialism and its all about “ME”. The only thing you take with you when you pass over is the love you give and the love you receive. The “WE” gives you an unlimited opportunity to give and get more love and positive energy for yourself and the planet. It’s the “A” ticket ride, which means we are at the last part of journey – so let’s board that integrity train and go to our last important stop.

The Distinction between Right and Wrong

The third meaning of integrity is: “the quality or state of being of sound moral principle; uprightness; honesty and sincerity.” This is an important part of integrity. We all know the difference between right and wrong. It’s that inner voice that constantly screams at you “Be in Truth!” Sometimes you are willful and ignore that voice which then gives you more lessons and “negative” opportunities until you embrace truth and do what’s right. Sometimes, there may seem to be a subtle distinction between right and wrong – but you always know deep down what is right. When you make the right decisions you feel good and there isn’t any doubt or queasy bad feelings. Using your Free Will in integrity to choose and act upon what is right gives you real power. It helps develop your character into one that others look up to and sets you apart from the “ME.”

Let Truth Ring

Using integrity to follow Truth leads you on the right spiritual path 100% of the time. Both Truth and love resonate and stimulate positive energy on the planet that effects positive change. Being truthful and in integrity makes you walk your talk. It makes you trustworthy. Imagine a world of trustworthy people saying what they mean and doing what they say. Honest people who energetically support each other on spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and even financial levels. Sincere people not concerned with their egos, material possessions or power but who are proudly being who they are with respect for themselves, and all things. Wow! What a world that will be.

Acting in truth and with sincerity in whatever you do, gives you the gift of freedom from hypocrisy and helps you to be whole and complete without effort because there is nothing artificial.

So the journey is over. Hope you had fun. Remember take responsibility of your thoughts, words, deeds and actions. Walk your talk with integrity in every area of your life. This can change the world to become a better place but it starts with you getting out of the “ME”, embracing the “WE” and integrating integrity.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Play Your Free Square

by Victoria Moran

In the game of Bingo, every player starts with a bonus: the free square in the middle. Because everybody gets one, nobody thinks much of it, but the free square is just as valuable in winning the game as B-7 or O-69.

We have "free squares" in our lives, too: talents, abilities, and inexplicable aptitudes that make certain things almost effortless. Maybe we can sing, or we're good at math, or children warm to us and listen when we talk. But when someone comments on our free square, we tend to say, "Oh, that. It's nothing." Because we didn't work hard to get it, the same way a player doesn't have to perform to get a free square on the Bingo card, we undervalue what may be our most serviceable attribute.

Without the benefit of our free square - or squares; you can certainly have more than one - we run ourselves ragged trying to be something we aren't. We work diligently to fit our round pegs into square holes, or to fit our round selves into the media's angular ideal. When we recognize and appreciate our own free squares, though, we can see that the key to our success and fulfillment is inside the person we are, not the one we think we're supposed to be. We can use, trade, barter, and build on the assets that are inherently ours to flesh out our lives with other good things that don't come so easily.If you're unclear about your own free squares, answer the following questions: Is there an area of your life - even one you may have regarded as insignificant - in which good things tend to happen repeatedly and automatically? Do you have an aptitude for something that seems so natural you can't understand why other people struggle with it? What do you get compliments about? How would you finish the sentence, "I've just got a knack for..."

Your answers may indicate that you, like my daughter Rachael, have a free square for money. This child has always had an affinity for cash, both acquiring it and hanging onto it. When she was only three, she once interrupted a grown-up financial discussion to say, "If I had a savings account that was drawing interest, I could make you a loan."Or, like me, you may have a free square for meeting people. I constantly run into people who are helpful, fascinating, and sometimes famous. I meet them on buses, in cafes, riding elevators. It just happens.Perhaps you, like my friend Francesca, have an uncanny penchant for winning things. Since I've known her, she's won a fax machine, a Ford Escort, and a trip to Disney World. What she doesn't win, she can usually get wholesale.Once you identify your free squares, play them by using what's easy to help you with what isn't. When Francesca won that fax machine, for instance, she had been unsuccessfully looking for work for several weeks. She thought about selling her prize - she could have used the money - but Francesca is a woman who takes her free squares seriously. She decided that the universe wouldn't have supplied her with this techno-toy if she wasn't supposed to use it. To try the thing out and see how it worked, she faxed her resume to some personnel directors. Her top pick responded and hired her.The next time you think you might not have what it takes to get the kind of life you're after, enlist the help of your free square. Your particular gift may not look like what you need at the moment; Francesca's fax machine didn't look like a job offer either. Use your free square. Let it work for you. Be proud of it and grateful for it. Bingo!

-excerpted from Creating a Charmed Life: Sensible, Spiritual Secrets Every Busy Woman Should Know by Victoria Moran (HarperSanFrancisco).

Victoria hosts "A Charmed Life" on, live at 9am PT, 12pm ET 4th Wednesday of each month.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Waging A War Against Cancer Vs Healing Your Life

by Bernie Siegel, MD

Mother Teresa, when asked to attend an anti-war rally refused, responding to those requesting her attendance by saying, "But if you ever have a peace rally let me know and I will attend." We are not killers, consciously or unconsciously, and yet when you listen to the language of medicine you hear words like; poison, blast, kill, amputate, destroy, eliminate, assault and more. Unfortunately doctors are not taught how to communicate with patients and so our words and the words given to patients to read induce negative side affects. The words are coming from an authority and have an hypnotic influence. They tell you all the things which can go wrong but do not tell you what can go right. So wordswordsword are swordswordswords. Yes, they become swords which can kill or cure as a scalpel can. If we told patients that their treatment was therapeutic and then explained there were side affects but they do not happen to every patient you would go home with a different feeling and option then being told all the side affects and none of the benefits. When given placebos patients have had their hair fall out and tumors shrink because they were told that is what would happen.

We also have to remember that all the side affects of cancer are not bad. There are blessings to be found in every curse. When accepting your mortality redirects your life and helps you to heal your life and find the ability to love you will understand what I mean.Dave, a Quaker and friend of mine with cancer, went to see his oncologist. His oncologist said to him. "I am going to kill your cancer." Dave answered, "I'm a Quaker. I don't kill anything." And he walked out the door. Dave lived for twelve years doing alternative therapies. I do a lot of work with drawings and imagery and tried to get Dave to think of his immune system as soldiers or police cleaning out the cancer but Dave could not work with those aggressive images. His drawing shows his white cells carrying his cancer cells away. He wouldn't hurt anything.

When we focus on waging a war or fighting a battle versus healing our lives and bodies we are interfering with the healing process. Another patient I know had a large mediastinal tumor and she was told by someone to image her white blood cells as dogs eating it up. Nothing happened. One day she shared that she was not comfortable being aggressive and saw her tumor as a block of ice with God's light melting it and then it literally began to melt away.I also see in these drawings people showing God as the source of radiation therapy and in the operating room, or holding them in the palm of His hand while they receive a bone marrow transplant. Studies show these patients are more likely to survive and have fewer side affects. I have also seen the horrendous side affects of radiation upon a woman who said, "When they put me in the room and shut the door it reminded me of the gas chamber in the concentration camp I had been in."
When our minds and bodies are involved in a battle and a war our response is one of protection. That means we are prepared to run for our lives as our blood is diverted to parts of our brain and bodies which help us to escape. Stress hormone levels are elevated and immune function is suppressed during this time.

When we are involved in healing and see life as a labor pain of self birthing then the side affects are diminished and our body is reprogrammed to grow and heal as the stress level is reduced and immune function enhanced. What impressed me years ago and has kept me involved in mind body work is learning from the people who don't die when they are supposed to.Women live longer than men with the same cancers and so do married men compared to single men. The reason is not female hormones and sleeping with them but their relationships and connections. I knew a mother of nine who said, "I have nine kids and I can't die until they are all married and out of the house." Twenty three years later her ninth kid left home and her cancer came back. It amazed me that she could do that but sad that when she wasn't a mother her life had no meaning. What I want everyone to do is find your unique, authentic self and not live a role or a life imposed upon you by others.

This is a person who was living each day and not involved in avoiding dying. They accepted their mortality and lived meaningful lives. How many of us truly do what feels good for us to do and are capable of saying no to things that we do not want to do?When you heal your life and find peace of mind your body gets the message too. Everything I am saying is scientific. We are capable of genetic changes and spontaneous reversals just as bacteria, viruses and plants do to resist antibiotics, vaccines and environmental changes. Our genes become active in response to the internal environment. Most women with a gene for breast cancer do not develop it. Twin sisters with the gene for breast cancer do not both develop the disease. The sister more likely to do so is the one who internalizes her anger and spends her life pleasing her parents and everyone else.

We are changed internally by the way we act. If I put you in a play, as an actor, I can enhance your health in a comedy and damage it in a tragedy. I know two patients who tired of their therapy, went home with extensive cancer and "Left their troubles to God." And their cancers disappeared. No wars just peace.

So go and find what is right for you as treatment for your disease. If you are afraid of dying then do everything everyone suggests. If it is doing what is right for you and what brings you peace then go with it and know you will have fewer side affects when you decide which labor pains are worthwhile and of your choosing. I meet people who hate vegetables and would prefer chemotherapy as treatment so they can enjoy their meals at home with the family. The choice of the road to healing is yours.

Remember we all die some day and if you do things to not die you will be very bitter when you get to Heaven. The way to beat cancer is related to how you live your life and the experience and what you teach others. None of us will live forever. Death is neither a failure nor losing the battle though again, the way most doctors talk you would think it is.

Listen and Call-In with your questions to Dr. Bernie Siegel's "Mind Health Matters" HealthyLife.Net Radio Show 1st Tues. Every Month at 9am PT Toll Free at 800-555-5453.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Healing Power of the Mind

by Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D. (c)

"A picture is worth a thousand words." We have heard that saying before. This phrase is certainly true in the case of visualization. Visualization is a tool anyone can use to help foster healing. By providing positive pictures (creative imagery) and self-suggestion, visualization can change emotions that subsequently have a physical effect on the body.

Our belief system is based upon the accumulation of verbal and non verbal suggestions that have been gathered throughout our life experience. Through patterns of repetition and its associated rewards and punishment we learn to create our own perception of reality. In essence, we therefore become what we think. In healing repetitive use of positive visualization allows access to the "mind-body"connection. This lets the mind and body work together to foster the healing process of the body on a physical level.

What is the mind-body connection and how does it work? When we have an emotion it generates a feeling that turns into a physical sensation. For example: You are watching a horror movie, you feel frightened and then get a chill up your spine. In this case you were getting a negative suggestion through your sensory perception (sight and sound), that produced an emotion of fear which turned into the physical sensation of chills up your spine. Visualization uses positive images to produce positive emotions that manifest into positive physical sensations in the body.Sounds simple, but does it work?

Can what we think actually have an effect on healing? Bodies do react to the thoughts you make. Our psychological/emotional state affects the endocrine system. For example, the emotion of fear is related to adrenaline. If no feeling of fear exists there is no adrenaline and the same applies in reverse- no adrenaline, no fear. They work in relationship to each other. Wherever a thought goes there is a body chemical reaction. The hypothalamus, the emotional center of the brain, transforms emotions into physical response. The receptor of neuropeptides, the hypothalamus controls the body's appetite, blood sugar levels, body temperature, adrenal and pituitary glands, heart, lung, digestive and circulatory systems. Neuropeptides, the chemical messenger hormones, carry emotions back and forth between the mind and body. They link perception in the brain to the body via organs, hormones and cellular activity. Neuropeptides influence every major section of the immune system, so the body and mind do work together as one unit.

The brain is a highly efficient system that is connected to every cell in your body by billions of connections. It is divided into two sides ñ the left, logical side (words, logic, rational thought) and the right creative side (imagination and intuition). Day to day circumstances usually are met in a logical, left brain mode; however by yielding to the right, creative side of the brain we actually restore balance in the brain. This allows us access to the mind-body connection to achieve what we want. The right side of the brain automatically steers you to your goal. It totally accepts what you want to accomplish without giving an opinion and acts upon it without judgment. That is why visualization targets the right side of the brain.

Positive thought is essential to producing positive results. Negative thoughts and emotions lower the immune system, while positive emotions actually boost the immune system.

The following are required to use visualization as a mind empowering tool to support the healing process:
1. Define Your Specific Intention Visualization puts your intention of what you want to work. Remember whatever you believe is what your body will do. The more specific the intention, the more specific the results. Make sure your intention is:
• Clear
• Specific
• Achievable
• You feel, know and trust it is being accomplished.
2. Take ResponsibilityTrying to do visualization without taking responsibility will prove to be futile experience. To accomplish what you want you must take action and responsibility. Visualization usually takes about 6 weeks to work and is done once in the morning and before bedtime. Some people do see and feel results the very first time. Remember everyone's body and mind are different and so is the way they process information. Responsibility is:Be accountable to and for yourself.
• Make a commitment
• Do visualization regularly
• Be persistent and patient
• Keep positive
3. Get Mentally Relaxed A relaxed state allows you direct access to your subconscious mind. Here are some steps to help you relax:
• Find a quiet place. Relax in a favorite chair or lie down.
• Get comfortable and loosen clothing
• Uncross your arms and legs
• Get centered by focusing on the breath and breathing (this activates the vagus nerve which is the major quieting nerve in the body)
• Totally relax your body and mind .
4. VisualizeVisualization for healing is a simple process. Once you are relaxed the next step is to actualize your visualization.
• Think of or speak your intention out loud
• Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the healing process or as you want to be
• Watch as your body heals you, see yourself whole and healthy
• Feel the healing taking place
• Know and Trust the healing is being accomplished

If you have difficulty you may want to try one or more of these methods:
• Use creative imagery like seeing the cells in your body healing you; your immune system fighting off invaders; your pain being taken away by the healing mind
• Imagine yourself in a very beautiful place whole, healthy and happy.
• Try reading scripts from a visualization or self-hypnosis book
• Listen to an audiovisualization tape. Remember many people use hearing as their main method of sensory perception for learning.
• Try making your own tape in your own voice.

Visualization does work to help boost your body back to health. Don't just work on the body, add the mind to maximize your healing process with visualization.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Choose to Remember the Light

by Guy Finley

The Wise Ones have always taught the great gift of remembering the Living Light and the practice of placing ourselves in its presence before we embrace anything else. Of course the elevated nature of this kind of remembrance in the face of our trials requires our deliberate and conscious willing of it; but, to paraphrase St. Augustine, "My remembrance of thee is really an effect of thee remembering me." Which means that everything about Reality is already set up to help us succeed with our new aim.

So, in that same moment when you realize that something painful from your past has again pressed its way into you, holding you hostage to a hated image or painful regret, here is what to do: right there, right in that Now, instead of capitulating into that familiar state of feeling yourself to be a captive of what this pain tells you that you must remember (along with all of its suggested solutions for ending the suffering), you choose to remember the Light. Here is a quick look at what this new inner action entails.

Instead of being drawn into a struggle with that unwanted sense of conflict, complete with its cast of supporting characters drawn from your past, intentionally withdraw your attention from that stage show. And at the same time as you close the curtain on it, bring all of your reclaimed attention into the Now. Come awake to the sense of your own physical body. Observe what thoughts and feelings are pressing themselves into your awareness and, while working in the Now like this, welcome into you a conscious remembrance of the Light, of God's Life, of the whole truth as best you understand it.

To help get you started, here are a few other suggestions. When an angry thought flashes in your mind, accompanied by the fiery sensations born of recalling some injustice done to you in the past, instead of remembering the resentments this little image stirs in you, turn the tables on it. Bring its little troubled life into your remembrance of that greater presence within you that dwells well beyond its punishing power. Work like this whenever you can and, like a pebble tossed into a deep pond, the ripple effects of that past pain will simply disappear into the healing nature of the Now. Instead of a life of endless resistance, you will learn the timeless secret of how to replace any form of darkness with the Light you have chosen over it.

Choose to remember the Light. Let it fight for you. Not only will this Living Intelligence lift you above the fray of all that should be forgotten, but it also will guide you back home to a timeless place in yourself where the past no longer dwells.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9 Keys to Understanding Your Dreams

by Robert Moss

1. Trust Your FeelingsAlways pay attention to how you feel when you wake from a dream. Your feelings and bodily sensations may be your best guide to the relative urgency and importance of a dream, and its positive or negative implications.

2. First AssociationsIn keeping a dream journal, you will want to get into the habit of jotting down your first associations with the dreams you record. What floats to the surface of your consciousness in the first minutes after waking may come from layers of the dream that have eluded, or from deeper levels of dreaming.

3. Reality CheckThough dreams are inner experiences, they often contain accurate information about external reality. In both subtle and unsubtle ways, dreams incorporate signals from the outside environments.

4. Dream Re-EntryDreams are real experiences, and a fully remembered dream is its own interpretation. The meaning of a dream is inside the dream itself. By learning how to re-enter dreams, you will develop the ability to clarify messages about future events, resume contact with inner teachers, and resolve unfinished business.

5. Dialogue with Dream CharactersOne of the best ways to work out what your dream characters are telling you is to ask them.

6. Tracking Your Dream SelfWho are you in your dreams? Are you the protagonist or simply an observer? Are you younger or older? Male or female? The character who appears in all of your dreams, even if only as a witness is you.

7. Symbol ExplorationAlthough the dream source tries to communicate with us as clearly as possible, it must often speak in symbols in order to carry us beyond the limitations of the everyday mind.

8. "What Part of Me?"Dreams make us whole. They show us the many aspects of ourselves and help us to bring them under one rood. This is why it is often useful to ask "what part of me" different characters and elements in a dream might represent.
9. Dream EnactmentWrite a dream motto: See if you can come up with a one-line statement that summarizes what the dream is telling you.

Confirm your dream messages: Especially if you dream seems to contain a warning about a situation looming up in external reality, you may want to take steps to check the information.Dream fulfillment or avoidance: If your dream seems to promise good things, you will want to figure out practical ways you can help to bring them to pass. If your don't like a future event you have glimpsed in a dream, you will want to consider how to get off the path that is leading you toward it.Personal Rituals: Making a poem out of a dream report, drawing or painting the images you have seen, or constructing a personal shield or dream talisman are all excellent ways to honor the powers that speak to you through dreams.© 1999 Robert Moss. All rights reserved.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Cool Down Your pets Quickly

By Wendy Nan Rees - Radio Host of Wendy's Animal Talk
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· Important Signs to Recognize When Your Pet Is Getting Overheated: Dogs and cats do not sweat like us, they pant to cool themselves off. If they get too hot you must step in and help.
· Watch Their Tongue. If it becomes swollen and hanging out, it's time to take action.
· Take Your Pet To Water. Put them in a cool bath or take the garden hose and run cool water under their belly to cool them off fast.
· Use Alcohol On A Cotton Pad To Wipe Down Their Paws. This will help cool them down fast. Do not use alcohol on their body!!!
· Offer Them Water. If a dog or cat is too hot, they will not drink so this is where I will use a Pupsicle, to invite them to drink. Please be sure to wet them down at the same time. (If they are overheated they need all the help you can give them).
· If Your Pet Is Not Getting Cooler. It may be time to call your vet and take them in.
· Never Leave Your Pet In The Car. A car heats up 10 times hotter than the air outside—and can be disastrous for your pet.