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HealthyLife.Net Radio – Back In Time Capsule - 2003

HealthyLife.Net Radio Network 2002-2012
10 years of Positive Talk

Back into the Time Capsule: 2003

With 3 months of Network Beta testing completed, in January 2003 we started other radio hosts with eclectic topics not found on traditional radio stations. Some of our new hosts included Raw Food Maven Elysa Markowitz, noted Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Gloria Gilbere and Golden Globe Winner, Academy Award nominee Sally Kirkland – who are all still with us today.

Our many guests were great too. We had Jean Houston’s dog sing opera on air to Stephanie Miller’s comic antics gracing our air waves.

In its infancy stage our show topics included natural health, business, spirituality and the paranormal. Even though internet radio was still new and most people didn’t even know what it was we managed to glean 589,787 listeners for the year.

We added a chat room and live call-ins to our shows and by the end of the year we had to move our studio to a larger location. We added more equipment, more hosts wanted to come on air and we were getting more listeners. It was time to take the next step…

More next month when we go…Back into the Time Capsule: 2004