Thursday, November 3, 2016


According to the July 2016 Pew Research study: Today 81% get their news/information online rather than from traditional media. However, digital advertising is going in a different direction. According to 2016 study, 63.2 million people will use ad blockers on their desktop/laptop PC and 20.7 million will use an ad blocker on their Smartphone. This is expected to increase over time. 

Did you know that talk radio listeners will not 'change that dial' during commercials as often as other radio OR TV formats? Add this to the increase in PC/mobile ad blocking and it is easy to understand that Voice Radio Ads are once again becoming, and will continue to grow, as one of the most influential and effective forms of advertising and branding that a company can buy - for all digital venues, including mobile - especially if the company wants their message heard.

A 2016 Neilsen Scarborough Report states that the 35-64 aged Radio Listener group spends 3X as much time listening to Internet Radio rather than traditional radio or even viewing TV.  However the majority of Traditional AM/FM radio caters to the mostly male, 12-34 age group. has a great purchasing audience: 35-64 age group
70% female, 30% male - who are intelligent and affluent with higher disposable incomes. Listeners who are willing to pay for a product they believe in and encourage their family/friends to buy like products. has a 15 year niche market that reaches 1 million people a month in 130 countries who are interested in natural health, fitness, organic non-GMO products, healthy lifestyles, personal growth, social justice, science, technology and the environment

Put Radio in your 2017 digital advertising budget. Call 800-555-543 or 310-371-5444.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

HealthyLife.Net Spirituality and the Paranormal Hosts

Get ready to expand your Spirituality and explore the Paranormal. If you'd like a live on-air free reading with one of our potent and amazing hosts, call (800) 555-5453 or (310) 371-5444 to any of our shows at the times that they air. We invite you to join us and get involved.  Listen live or on-demand on each individual host's show archive page.

KINDRED SPIRITS w/Lynn V. Andrews -- 4th Tues. of the Month 9 am PT -- Join Lynn and her guests and venture into the world of spirit. Lynn is a best-selling author-Adventuress who studied with Shaman Women on three continents. Tune in to get compelling techniques from the spiritual realm to use in your everyday world.

WAY OF THE DREAMER w/Robert Moss -- 2nd Tues. of the Month 9am PT -- Bring energy and healing to your life! Robert, lifelong dream explorer, author, shamanic counselor and former Australian Ancient History University professor, helps you become an active dreamer.

GUIDING STARS w/Kristin Fontana -- Wed. 10 am PT -- Discover how Evolutionary Astrology can  empower your life using the planet Pluto to interpret the heavens. Interesting guests from all over the world discuss planetary movements and their impact.

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING w/James Bean -- Tues. 12 pm PT -- Contemplate the Wisdom of the Masters and the diversity of world religions and spiritual paths through spiritual classic books, scriptures, sacred text and music. James brings you years of experience as a radio host.
The Practical Mystic w/Maureen St. Germain -- 2nd Mon. of the Month, 2 pm PT -- A dynamic show to help you be inspired, find passion and discover how to apply spiritual knowledge to improve you and your life. Since 1994 Maureen leads spiritual tours, events, workshops and classes.

SPIRIT TALK LIVE! w/Rabbi Dr. Wayne Dosick -- 3rd Wed. of Every Month 9 am PT -- Join Wayne to participate in conversations that helps transform you to the oneness of unity, harmony and perfection. Rabbi Wayne Dosick, Ph.D. is the Director of the Soul Center for Spiritual Healing, an educator, spiritual guide, healer, writer and author.
THE HEALING SOUND SHOW w/Jonathan Goldman -- 2nd Wed Each Mo. 9 am  PT -- Join the authority and pioneer of sound harmonics! Jonathan shares his insights, techniques & Healing Sounds to help you learn how to use sound to create positive changes for personal and planetary healing.

ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY w/Zoe Moon -- 3rd Fri. of the Month 9 am PT -- Tune in as Zoe talks you through what each sign can expect for the upcoming month so you can plan ahead for the best. Zoe, is an astrologer for the entertainment industry, an author, columnist and former singer/songwriter, reality TV star.
GIFT OF SPIRIT w/Stacey Lynn -- 1st Fri. of the Month 9 am PT -- Tune in to discover feelings of love, healing and forgiveness through Heartfelt Spirit Communication with the Divine and your departed in Heaven. Stacey Lynn is a Spiritual Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Grief Minister.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Internet Radio for Media Buyers and Advertisers

In this economy you are being asked to do more with less, so don’t let your clients miss out on one of the fastest growing markets in the media industry – Independent Internet radio. Here are a few reasons why Internet Radio is a great choice:

Missed Market of Engaged Listeners
According to the U.S. Census Bureau and Small Business Administration there are 21 million plus non-employer based businesses in the U.S. of which 52% are home based businesses. In comparison there are only 5milllion plus employer based U.S. businesses. More people are working on computers at home and will listen to internet radio in the background rather than be distracted watching TV or a video. Working alone, the innate need for social contact is met with an internet radio talk show. Listeners tend to feel they are not alone and have a chance to interact via telephone, text, email or social networks during live programs.

Higher Ad Receptivity
Studies have shown that people are hit with 3,000 -5,000 ads per day. This is usually too many for people to process so they tune most of them out – either physically, like a DVR, or mentally. However radio spot ads are less obtrusive because 1) they are expected. The host actually announces they are going to commercial break; 2) radio spots are sound bites, not visuals, which are less distracting; 3) radio is an emotional buy. It leaves the ‘pictures’ up to the mind of the listener who actually matches their ‘pictures’ directly to their needs. This does have more impact - think of the effect of the murder scene in ‘Psycho’ as compared to ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ where people get numb to the violence. 4) radio ads also have a better ‘top of mind’ recall experience; and 5) studies have shown that people will spend more time listening to radio ads, so they are more likely to remember and respond to them.

A Viable Growing Market 
Internet Radio continues to expand in growth unlike terrestrial radio which entered the internet market too late. Internet radio stations and networks can be, and many are, syndicated and simulcast on many distribution channels, creating a wider network appeal that reaches the listener wherever they are and whatever device they are using to listen. is available on internet, in-cars, smartphones, smartTVs, smartwatches, tablets, WiFi, private radio networks and more. Plus there may be  added ad shelf life, like has with on-demand archives, podcast downloads, and RSS feeds. In addition - Internet Radio’s Drive Time is longer from 8am – 5pm. What is really great is that usually all this ‘reach’ is included free with your initial buy, making your ROI more economically effective. 
A Full Digital Presence
Internet Radio can provide more than just radio spots for your clients. Banners, coupons, email blasts, social media mentions are just some of the added possibilities that come included with Internet Talk Radio ad campaigns giving your client a maximum digital presence exposure. 

A Niche Market Demographic
Internet radio listeners do tend to have higher, more disposable income levels. Dependent upon the Internet Talk Station’s niche market, demographic information like age groups, gender, marital status and other data will vary but can give you a more specific choice for your client’s product or service – which leads to a better ROI. For example where most traditional radio gets a young or male oriented demographic, reaches the higher purchasing power demographic of 80% women and the growing popular only natural health market.

Targeted Ad Placement
Imagine reaching local, national or global listeners all in one place. Internet Talk Radio allows media buyers to do this. Plus Internet Talk Radio Stations can target specific local, national and global audiences. Terrestrial radio has a small footprint with almost no local programming. 

Better ‘Straight From the Source’ Tracking
Internet Radio has more real stats available to them than terrestrial radio which use 3rd party extrapolated guesstimated numbers. Remember services like Google Analytics track website hits only but listener statistics can only come from the station's audio/video streaming server. The streaming server is independent of a website server and does NOT use website statistics.

There are no studies comparing terrestrial digital radio and independent internet radio. However to give you an example, when HealthyLife.Net Radio compared ‘apples to apples’ from the latest Triton Digital Media Study, HealthyLife.Net had 1700% more live session listeners than the top terrestrial digital radio stations using the exact same criteria. So don’t discount Independent Internet Radio stations – they are viable players in the media marketplace. 

With Independent Internet Radio there is also a way to justify actual real numbers and ROI with minimal effort on your part.  Your clients can actually set up a specific telephone number for ordering and for a banner link, set up a web landing page, with an unpublished link which can be placed on the radio site so clients can track their own statistics – which takes you out of the numbers game all together! 

Independent Internet Talk Radio is not a replacement to traditional media but IS a viable addition. It’s a new marketplace that can produce for you now and is destined to only increase in the years to come.

HealthyLife.Net Radio Network is a 14-year young Internet Radio Network reaching over 1 million monthly listeners in 130 countries through its 62+ syndicated/simulcast distribution channels and, in case you haven't guessed, we do provide economical full digital presence ad campaigns for media buyers.

More on Capturing Great Advertising for Your Clients?
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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Google Analytics DOES NOT Track Radio Listeners

Google Analytics does a great job at analyzing data for website stats. However Google Analytics tracks only their own Google search engine results which does not include Bing, Yahoo, Alexa or other search engine data statistics. They also do not, and most times, cannot track a streaming media listening audience.

Here's why...Listener numbers come from an audio streaming server. This audio server is not a webpage on a website but actually a separate data stream, usually housed on a separate server from the radio stations website server.  It is linked ON a website page but as in the case of Radio the radio button link is on almost every page of our 60+ page website and not on just on one Landing page.

Google Analytics CAN track how many people come to a website page that contains a link to the audio stream but unfortunately that is not always the actual listener data. Actual listener data can only come from the audio server stream data. also has 62+ syndicators/simulcast distribution channels that pick up our LIVE audio stream and rebroadcast it out to their many listeners - but to our audio search engine each one looks like just one listener. In reality these 62 distribution channels could be accessing 100s, 1,000s or 1,000,000 more listeners a day per channel.  Think the numbers are high? Here's an example - Microsoft's Radio Tuner, which is 1 of 68 talk radio stations is available to 1 billion worldwide internet devices a day. 1% of listenership would provide with 1 million more listeners a day but again to our streaming server they look like only 1 listener.

Podcast and on-demand listening all have different criteria that is tracked differently in an audio streaming server.  Again website hit analysis is not the same  as tracking websites so unfortunately using Google Analytics to rate Listener Audience size is not a valid measurement.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

RADIO: The Purchasing Power of Women

Targeting the female demo should be good for radio revenue. According to Forbes magazine, women represent the largest market opportunity in the world. Globally, they control $20 trillion in annual consumer spending. In the next five years, it is expected that this number will rise to nearly $30 trillion dollars.

In the U.S., women have enormous control, and it's increasing. Reports range from $5-15 trillion, with Marketing Zeus citing sources that $7 trillion is contributed by women in the U.S. in consumer and business spending. Fleishman Hillard Inc. estimates that women will control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in the U.S. over the next 10 years.

Women handle the bulk of purchasing decisions for everyday items like groceries and clothing - even for those items targeted at men. In fact, 50% of products marketed to men are actually purchased by women. That's why items for men are often marketed with women in mind, as well. In addition to being responsible for most of the day-to-day purchases, women are also heading-up or influential in large ticket purchases like cars, homes and appliances.

And more than 70% of Boomer couples are dual earners. Thanks to Boomer women, these two-paycheck families bring home a lot more money. Married couples account for 82% of households with income of $100,000 or more.

Do you understand them?

"One of the big mistakes companies make is assuming women are all about the warm and fuzzy, and they're not," says Marti Barletta, founder of TrendSight and "high priestess of marketing to women." "They want all the same things men do and then some."

Anna Shaw from Smart Design, a design and innovation company with a lab that focuses on female consumers. told Inc. magazine that companies flounder when they interpret women as "smaller, softer humans." "Companies need to understand who she is, what are her emotions, what are her values," says Shaw.

Gabe Rosenberg of the brand and content strategy company Contently, says brands need to smarten up about women and engage with them to understand the nuances and expansive definition of who women and men are in America. "The heart of the matter," he explains, "is that brands, marketers, and advertisers all need to be in conversation with women about what they buy, what they respond to, and what will encourage them to be loyal to a brand."


Women aged 50+ have a combined net worth of $19 trillion. Women aged 50-70 are the largest segment of female consumers and are by far the biggest spenders. Prime Timers have higher incomes, greater net worth and stronger spending than younger adults. They have the freedom and disposable income to make purchases.


Like Boomer women before them, today's young women are earning college degrees and set to transform the work place and, in turn, the marketplace. According to the Harvard Business Review, women are obtaining higher education degrees at rates higher than men. It also reports that the 1 billion women in the workforce will grow to 1.2 billion in the next five years.

According to Muhtar Kent, Women control over $20 Trillion in world-wide spending.
Women have tremendous spending power in America today-and it's growing. Market estimates about their total purchasing prowess varies, ranging anywhere from $5 trillion to $15 trillion annually.

With statistics like this, are you tapping into the female marketplace that is available through  To see the super saver rates offered go to:  <> and advertise on radio!  You may have been missing the very market that has been looking for what you do and supply.  Don't ever under estimate the power of women! 
Call 800-555-5453 for more information.


Boston Consulting Group survey "What Women Want"


Monday, January 11, 2016

State of the Media: How America Listens to Radio

Radio, one of the 1st in original mass media, continues to play a big part in the lives of Americans everywhere-with 245 million Americans listening weekly of which194 million tune in through digital internet radio. That means more than 91% of Americans (age 12 or older) tune in each week.

In today's rapidly evolving world of consumer choice and technological advancement, audio becomes an even more integral part of our lives. Internet Radio is a trusted companion all throughout the day and not just in 'drive time' like traditional radio. Although traditional radio has taken away local radio in the U.S., internet radio networks like have integrated local based radio into their program schedules. This gives their local community a voice and a specified audience.

For advertisers, radio delivers a mass audience in real-time across markets large and  small that is highly qualified; Radio also delivers the advertisers message after real-time delivery with on demand listening and podcast downloads. The vast majority of radio listeners are in the workforce and with Internet Radio they listen at work. More than three quarters of the national adult audience works full or part time during the week.

How Big Is Radio's Reach?

It's no secret, radio's reach is unprecedented. According to the recent All Access Q2 2015 Audio Today Report 245 million Americans aged 12 years old and older tuned to radio during an average week. However, while the bigger markets often grab the headlines, small and medium markets are still viable because you can reach them all at the same time on Internet Radio which goes beyond the traditional radio 50 -500 watt footprint to cover local, national and the world.

The report also noted that the majority of consumers in these markets are connecting to the radio and spending a lot of time listening as well. More than 86% of consumers tune in during the week and spend more than 15 hours of their media time with radio.

However, here's a tip... remember in advertising it is not how many people you reach, it's how many times you reach the same person - and with's 14 year loyal and growing audience, as a advertiser, you are always maximizing your reach. To see how a ad can help you - email: