Tuesday, March 8, 2016

HealthyLife.Net Spirituality and the Paranormal Hosts

Get ready to expand your Spirituality and explore the Paranormal. If you'd like a live on-air free reading with one of our potent and amazing hosts, call (800) 555-5453 or (310) 371-5444 to any of our shows at the times that they air. We invite you to join us and get involved.  Listen live or on-demand on each individual host's show archive page.

KINDRED SPIRITS w/Lynn V. Andrews -- 4th Tues. of the Month 9 am PT -- Join Lynn and her guests and venture into the world of spirit. Lynn is a best-selling author-Adventuress who studied with Shaman Women on three continents. Tune in to get compelling techniques from the spiritual realm to use in your everyday world.

WAY OF THE DREAMER w/Robert Moss -- 2nd Tues. of the Month 9am PT -- Bring energy and healing to your life! Robert, lifelong dream explorer, author, shamanic counselor and former Australian Ancient History University professor, helps you become an active dreamer.

GUIDING STARS w/Kristin Fontana -- Wed. 10 am PT -- Discover how Evolutionary Astrology can  empower your life using the planet Pluto to interpret the heavens. Interesting guests from all over the world discuss planetary movements and their impact.

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING w/James Bean -- Tues. 12 pm PT -- Contemplate the Wisdom of the Masters and the diversity of world religions and spiritual paths through spiritual classic books, scriptures, sacred text and music. James brings you years of experience as a radio host.
The Practical Mystic w/Maureen St. Germain -- 2nd Mon. of the Month, 2 pm PT -- A dynamic show to help you be inspired, find passion and discover how to apply spiritual knowledge to improve you and your life. Since 1994 Maureen leads spiritual tours, events, workshops and classes.

SPIRIT TALK LIVE! w/Rabbi Dr. Wayne Dosick -- 3rd Wed. of Every Month 9 am PT -- Join Wayne to participate in conversations that helps transform you to the oneness of unity, harmony and perfection. Rabbi Wayne Dosick, Ph.D. is the Director of the Soul Center for Spiritual Healing, an educator, spiritual guide, healer, writer and author.
THE HEALING SOUND SHOW w/Jonathan Goldman -- 2nd Wed Each Mo. 9 am  PT -- Join the authority and pioneer of sound harmonics! Jonathan shares his insights, techniques & Healing Sounds to help you learn how to use sound to create positive changes for personal and planetary healing.

ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY w/Zoe Moon -- 3rd Fri. of the Month 9 am PT -- Tune in as Zoe talks you through what each sign can expect for the upcoming month so you can plan ahead for the best. Zoe, is an astrologer for the entertainment industry, an author, columnist and former singer/songwriter, reality TV star.
GIFT OF SPIRIT w/Stacey Lynn -- 1st Fri. of the Month 9 am PT -- Tune in to discover feelings of love, healing and forgiveness through Heartfelt Spirit Communication with the Divine and your departed in Heaven. Stacey Lynn is a Spiritual Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Grief Minister.

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