Thursday, November 3, 2016


According to the July 2016 Pew Research study: Today 81% get their news/information online rather than from traditional media. However, digital advertising is going in a different direction. According to 2016 study, 63.2 million people will use ad blockers on their desktop/laptop PC and 20.7 million will use an ad blocker on their Smartphone. This is expected to increase over time. 

Did you know that talk radio listeners will not 'change that dial' during commercials as often as other radio OR TV formats? Add this to the increase in PC/mobile ad blocking and it is easy to understand that Voice Radio Ads are once again becoming, and will continue to grow, as one of the most influential and effective forms of advertising and branding that a company can buy - for all digital venues, including mobile - especially if the company wants their message heard.

A 2016 Neilsen Scarborough Report states that the 35-64 aged Radio Listener group spends 3X as much time listening to Internet Radio rather than traditional radio or even viewing TV.  However the majority of Traditional AM/FM radio caters to the mostly male, 12-34 age group. has a great purchasing audience: 35-64 age group
70% female, 30% male - who are intelligent and affluent with higher disposable incomes. Listeners who are willing to pay for a product they believe in and encourage their family/friends to buy like products. has a 15 year niche market that reaches 1 million people a month in 130 countries who are interested in natural health, fitness, organic non-GMO products, healthy lifestyles, personal growth, social justice, science, technology and the environment

Put Radio in your 2017 digital advertising budget. Call 800-555-543 or 310-371-5444.

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